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I'm just gonna post what I have so far and let you guys judge it while I come up with the rest-

Default- Mewtwo's basic appearance.
Alt 1- Mewtwo's armor from Pokemon: the First Movie. (http://images.wikia.com/powerlisting/images/2/2a/Mewtwo_Armor.jpg)
Alt 2- Mewtwo in a cloak as seen in the beginnings of quite a few of the movies.
Alt 3- Deoxys in a Mewtwo-ish form.

Mewtwo exerts his dominance via his psychic power, controlling space, juggling, or simply knocking away enemies with powerful abilities such as confusion and shadow ball. Moves at an average speed.

Special Mobility- Mewtwo can levitate for a short time by holding X, giving him decent horizontal mobility in midair. Can only use after the first jump.

(note, psychic abilities are shown via rippling blue effects similar to how they were in the movie, his eyes will also glow blue while using them.


Neutral- Psychic Slam- Two hit combo. Mewtwo swipes a hand up, making enemies in a short distance in front of him be sent up (like a pop up attack) by his psychic power, then swipes his hand down, slamming them to the ground bouncing them. If tried to use directly after using it once, the enemy will pop up beyond the reach of the second strike. Good for setting up combos. Air version Mewtwo shocks the air around him for a short time striking enemies then sending them away (basically his Melee neutral A in the air.)

Side- Psychic Blast- Mewtwo brings his arm back, then slams it forward doing a force push style attack that goes a short distance that sends enemies flying. Can hold up or down when he pulls his arm back to aim it down at an angle or up at an angle.

Down- Tail Whip- Mewtwo does a flipping tail strike, slamming his tail onto the ground in front of him. Enemies hit by the tail when it arcs above him are knocked away, those hit by the tail slam are slammed to the ground and flattened. Comes out quick, good for finishing combos or getting a quick hit in with it's decent range for a short range attack. Air version slams enemies straight to the ground.

Up- Psychic Launch- Mewtwo raises a hand above him, making a sphere of psychic energy above him. If this hits an enemy he holds them there for a second, then launches them directly upwards. Good for punishing aerial dives or air campers.







Neutral- Shadow Ball- Ah yes, Mewtwo's signature attack. Mewtwo tosses a ball of dark energy straight forwards at a medium distance. Tumbles, but can be charged to become stronger and faster. At full charge sends enemies flying with a dark explosion. charge can be held.



Up- Teleport- Mewtwo teleports, vanishing. The player can then use direct which way he will appear. Good for avoiding certain attacks or as an extra jump.

Level 1- Mewtwo Strikes- Mewtwo floats for a second then makes a blue bubble of psychic energy form around him in a short range. Any enemies caught in this will be lifted, then flung forwards in the direction he was facing, killing anyone in their path. Slow-ish start up, but can be incredibly devastating.

Level 2- The Return- Mewtwo rises into the air and summons the clone Charizard, Blastoise, and Venasaur from the movie, who will pursue opponents (though slowly) with unique moves and attacks OR Mewtwo raises a hand into the air and several of his homing pokeball devices will appear and pursuse opponents with strong homing abilities. Pass though platforms, but will shatter if they hit the solid ground.

Level 3- Level 3 theme- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0pQnwV3gGI (Starts at 2:42, in super begins at 2:50)
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K so far I've changed the Level 2 to Hyper Beam because despite wanting to have some more diverse supers, Hyper Beam is Hyper Beam. I've also added confusion and light screen to the list of moves, thinking about using Will-O-Wisp as well.
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21