woah delicious Big D tech

#1CrabhammarPosted 3/19/2013 12:36:43 PM
air Down Square to Level 1 is a Heihachi-type psuedo HC. I doubt people can easily dodge it online.
#2jump__0Posted 3/19/2013 12:39:55 PM(edited)
frozen ememy use lv 1. the scream hits them and little sister gets them. i think it's a tech trap though.
EDIT: or no. it combos if you use lv1 early in their frozen state.
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#3Crabhammar(Topic Creator)Posted 3/19/2013 12:42:15 PM
like, COMBOES? awesome

also Jak's WC now is like a little chibi version. The charge version is the same. His blaster sucks ass now, it's basically Radec's nT. The Arc Welder is WAY better doe.

Sackboy's comboes and Level 1 HC are tight but still doable.

EC feels the same.