Name the character that you have the most fun playing.

#21crunchyrollq8Posted 3/21/2013 7:28:47 AM
probably dante and jack, those guys rock ...
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#22DryGuy84Posted 3/21/2013 8:00:09 AM
The-Great-Ozzie posted...
The Tooth, Big Daddy, and Zeus
Cause they all hit like freight trains

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#23Fiz57Posted 3/21/2013 8:04:49 AM
Sir Daniel because I love Medieval on PS1,
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#24zombiabsolPosted 3/21/2013 9:49:31 AM
Sly followed by toro then kat.
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#25CChoochPosted 3/21/2013 9:51:30 AM
Ratchet. If only because he's Ratchet.

Also his level 2 is the most fun thing to use in the entire game for me.
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#26Dsurions_WrathPosted 3/21/2013 9:52:45 AM
Good Cole for me. I've always played the 'all around' characters in these kinds of games, it's kind of refreshing to play one that's actually considered a decently high tier xD
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