Classic Sonic Moveset

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I got kinda lazy towards the triangle parts cause I'm tired, but cut me some slack.

Sonic move set (Heavy Combo/stance character)



Square attacks (basic):

Neutral: Does a quick 4 hit combo. A punch, 2 forward kicks (each from one leg), and does a break dance move that knocks the opponent away. (25ap).

Up: A backflip kick that knocks the opponent into the air (15ap). Can be combed from last hit of neutral square, which sets up air combos like Dante.

Down: Slides on his side past the opponent once he hits them, leaving his opponent in the air (similar to parappa's slide). Can also combo up into the air from this raw or for the last hit in the neutral combo (10 ap).

Forward: Does a forward kick that knocks away opponent (15 ap)


Circle attacks (shield transformation from old sonic games):

*this only allow you to have one shield around you. Whatever shield you have out, will be what triangle attacks you use*.

Neutral: Fire shield. Gives sonic the ability to do dash attacks.

Up: Bubble Shield. Allows Sonic to do bounce on the ground to sustain air combos and crush foes below.

Down: Electric/Magnet Shield: reduces flinch against guns (not including heavy guns like rocket launcher or radec's sniper, and absorbs nearby ap.

Forward: Normal

*can be switched on the fly, but during combos you can only switch once. last the entire match and can't end*.


TRIANGLE ATTACKS (shield abilities):

Fire Shield attacks:

Neutral: straight dash attack forward that can be linked into another dash. After the second dash the opponent is stunned, but not very far. Slow start up like fox's dash but quick once it gets going (15 ap).

Up: Does a homing (in ball form) dash that goes straight up (look at jak's uppercut). (10 ap)

Down: can be charged and does a heavy dash forward that knocks opponent away (15ap)

Forward: does a straight dash like dante's to dodge. Can link into other dashes.

Bubble Shield attacks:

Neutral: on the ground, sonic jumps and bounces into the ground, knocking opponents into the air. In the air sonic just bounces down and back up to where he was (15 ap). Great aerial combo finishers.

Up: Makes sonic bounce up really high like sly's super jump. Can't double jump if used.

Down: does a ground 3 pounding bubble bounces that knock opponents away (20 ap)

forward: 3 bubbles fire in front of him (15 ap)

Magnetic shield attacks:

Neutral: absorbs bullets like Zeus or surrounding ap.

Up: shocks opponents touching above him

Down: shock waves surround sonic (very short range) that knock opponents back like sly's electric slide (10 ap)

Forward: Charges a quick electric punch that stuns the opponent (15 ap).

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Level 1: Sonic dashes in front of him to grab the rings. Similar to Fat princess' level 1 but with rings instead of cake.

Level 2: Sonic picks up speed shoes. Similar to big Daddy's level 2 but with the speed up music.

Level 3: Super Sonic (you saw this coming right?).
Life is just one big hit confirm. No matter how many times you dodge and block it, sooner or later you're f***ed.
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Super 1: Charged spin dash

Super 2: Sonic hops on tails blue tornado and shoots rockets and machine gun

Super 3: Chaos emeralds rotate around him. Super sonic. If you ram into people= kill.
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Maybe dropping Sly.
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Should do one for eggman.
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Maybe dropping Sly.
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Heroicmedic92 posted...
Should do one for eggman.

was thinking shadow first.

Edit: actually egg man would be more original.
Life is just one big hit confirm. No matter how many times you dodge and block it, sooner or later you're f***ed.