What character do you want so bad

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3 years ago#21
Any Neptunia character mainly, Especially Noire and Plutia, Noire cause she's my all time favorite, and Plutia cause it'd be funny as hell to beat people with a freaking Plushie.

Others I want but not as badly:

Disgaea Character, Probably Laharl.
Persona 4 Arena character, Probably Yu.
Assassin's Creed Character, Mainly Ezio.
The Dissidia Lightning.
NOTE: Twilight in name Doesn't mean those movies. Noire (Neptunia) For Playstation All-Stars, DLC or 2 XD.
3 years ago#22
crashspyrocloudsorasnakelaradarttombaicowanderabegex etc etc

Though personally I'd love Duster from Mother 3 because **** exclusivity
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3 years ago#23
ArmedDragoon posted...
That bloke from Legend of Dragoon.

Actually any character from Legend of Dragoon.

This, but exclude Shana and Miranda for obvious reasons.

Also Sephiroth or Kefka from FF, Eddie Riggs, and Raz
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3 years ago#24
Alucard or yu(persona)*with glasses
3 years ago#25
Raziel would make me not even care If they put someone rediculously stupid in, like Soap. Alice Liddel would be cool too
3 years ago#26
Cloud for sure.
3 years ago#27
Master Xehanort(Kingdom Hearts) he could have style switch into Xemnas, Ansem " Seeker of Darkness" and Rikku. Not happening I know. If anything at all we would get Sora but still.
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3 years ago#28
Solaire of Astora.
Solaire of Astora for Playstation Allstars.
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3 years ago#29
Sora (or some other KH characters I won't mention due to laziness) and Snake. If I could play with any of those two, GG Cole.
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3 years ago#30
Real Dante.
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