Is it true the only way to kill a character in this game...

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Both systems have their flaws. In Smash Bros, due to the ring-out system, people tend to lean toward characters with unnaturally high knockback abilities (Ike, Snake) or spam characters who can rack up damage in the snap of a finger (Metaknight, Fox). Plus, in Smash Bros, matches eventually lose their momentum because people tend to go into Camp Mode when highly damaged.

In comparison, at least the Super system of this game forces you to continue to battle your opponents therefore keeping up the pace. Granted, the Super system of this game has its flaws as well, as some sets of Supers are significantly better than others.

They both have their flaws. That said, I actually wish they would have included a "Ringout" mode that was just like Smash Bros. as an alternative match type option.
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False. Medusa's Gaze.

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Personally, when I first heard the game and hear only super attack kill, I thought that idea was stupid. However, as I read gamefaq review (the only review I could trust for now) and the game became a bit popular, I thought maybe it wasn't so bad at all.

Of course, I bough the game few weeks ago and experience it, it is good. It take some time to get used to it when previously/all fighting game used health system and when I got used to it, I never complain again. Sure, it would be a waste of effort when your super miss but it gave me some spirit to punish my opponent more and when I dodge their super, I felt awesome.

One other thing I like with super would kill (aside from Medusa head) is that it gave some chance for low tier or slow character to win. For example if Raiden or any fast melee combo character spam their relentless combo, they would win easily when their opponent health fall quickly especially at corner of the stage.
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I don't necessarily prefer supers over ringouts or vice versa as both have their pros and cons. And while I'll admit that melee and brawl are overall better games than PSASBR(more content, less glitches, arguably better polished in general), I do have just as much fun with PSASBR.

PSASBR is somewhat similar to smash at face value only. The fighting mechanics are vastly different though. From my experience this leads to many people not liking it because they come in trying to play like they do in smash which doesn't work well in this game.

I originally thought that killing with supers was a bad idea and after about a week or two of playing started having buyers remorse and stopped playing for about a week or so. I was bored one day and decided to give it another shot after researching what little meta game there was at the time. I suddenly fell in love and haven't put it down since.
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False. Medusa's Gaze.

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