So I'm now working on my final two movesets for my compilation topic....

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maybe for Claptrap you could say that during his gun stance, his square attacks are for non-elemental weapons that have flavor text that change the properties of the projectile? For triangle attacks he uses some unique elemental weapons or E-Tech weapons. Circle he uses his stance-change and grenades?

His levels should change depending what stance he has, level one should totally be an Explosive nova shield burst, level two the Nukem rocket launcher, and level three could be to call up his "Minions"(the player characters) for a Phat Princess style thing, during which he says his lines like, "There's no stopping us now, minion! Together, we shall free Pandora! I will lead you into battle!" (From just before you enter Hero's Pass)

And for during his Ninja stance, level one can be to send out one suicide bomber claptrap, . Level two can be a lunging slash or something : /, and level three can a trasformation into this:
Lightning + Wind for me. Or rather, the Magnetic element they combine into.
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So using my own ideas and ideas from others I've figured out Claptrap's stance abilities, typing it up now. Claptrap stance (mid range) uses dance moves that are quick but not too strong as well as elemental weaponry to spread d.o.t.s (damage over time, yay for mmo lingo!), with his second stance being for moving in and getting in rapid strikes.
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