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Wow, talk about broken matchmaking... (Archived)Zombieslayer24079/5 1:15PM
Anyone down to help me with friendly competition trophy? (Archived)Sackboy4mvp39/5 8:49AM
Kat or Nariko? (switch my mains around?) (Archived)DJPLACE99/4 5:59PM
People that think Nariko is OP? (Archived)Exo_Icarus89/4 4:50PM
Can anyone teach me the ways of radec? (Archived)videogames75_549/4 2:07PM
Looking for help with online trophies (Archived)KingCDawg39/3 8:11PM
Downloaded from ps+ but no online pass with it? (Archived)CheekoStick5269/3 7:52AM
Who's up for a battle? (Archived)xt41149/1 7:16PM
PSASBR Kat Combos 1.12 starring bryjosue (Archived)Ringtailduzit78/29 5:22PM
characters I wanted in. (Archived)marioparty1778/28 7:54PM
canceled characters rivaly's (Archived)GameSmith9938/28 1:18PM
Does anyone else still get the urge to poke Sony on reviving this game? (Archived)SkullzMcCloud98/27 4:43PM
Dante and Combos. (Archived)oomomow98/27 3:50PM
Does anybody want to 1v1 with me. (Archived)oomomow58/26 3:48PM
Is the game dying/dead? (Archived)RoyalShine88/25 12:11AM
soo which are considered the most op characters nowdays? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Neptunezzzz298/22 8:26AM
were kat's Glitches fixed online? (Archived)DJPLACE28/20 12:08AM
If kat was in ssbb (Archived)Kcoriel48/17 11:01PM
when was the last patch? (Archived)DJPLACE58/17 12:26PM
Seriously, what am I not getting about combos?? (Archived)BlazinDank4Ever48/16 3:18PM
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