It was already leaked so *shrugs* here was my capture of the leaked DLC.

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It could be a trap. April Fools is approaching...
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Garfield stole my lasagna.

Yeah and on Mondays he's a real douche

He needs to be declawed...permanently.

You can temporarily declaw a cat?

Never had one, so I dont know.
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PSaddict posted...
It could be a trap. April Fools is approaching...
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christiankid7 posted...
The Capcom Ninja Gaiden games were frigging awesome!!!!! Ryu shot blue beams out of his was really cool

Don't forget when you used L and R you could cycle through different colored and shaped projectiles ^_^.
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I remember making a poll about calypso when zues was announced, seeing how they are both the main antagonists of their series, i thought calypso would be likely. No one seemed to want him though...
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Nightstryk3r619 posted...
Well SSM kinda already said an LoD rep is pretty slim, I have a feeling this is just them trolling.

Ignoring Garfield's silliness, when did this happen?
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