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So I've been meaning to post this for a long time but I hadn't got around to it until now... I tried to put in believable descriptions for his moves for high-level play, but I'm not sure if they're the best. Oh well, lol.


Teddie is a mixture between offensive and defensive play - he has a decent number of attacking moves, as well as moves that help him steer clear of opponents.

<u>Square Attacks: Claw Strikes</u>
Teddie's square attacks are mostly him using his main weapons from the original P4, his claws.

Neutral Square: Claw Swipe - His neutral square attack is, like many other characters, a simple move, wherein he swipes his claws forward. The first attack is a normal strike, while the second attack is a buttdrop. Teddie is able to follow up with any of his other square moves and a few triangle attacks as well. In air, instead of two simple swipes, Teddie does one giant sweep (called Claw Sweep) that covers an arc in front of him, causing enemies to be sent downward.

Forward Square: Bear Screw - Teddie leaps into the air, lies horizontally with his arms above his head, and spins like a log (which takes less than a moment to start up). Teddie moves forward approximately two to three character lengths while spinning. The last strike in the move causes an eject roll, so it's best to use this move as a combo finisher. It can be used as a recovery move in air (like on Sandover), but other than that there's no real difference between ground and air versions.

Up Sqaure: Bearris Wheel - Teddie once again leaps in the air, but this time has the top of his head facing towards the screen (or away from it, depending on which way he's facing), protrudes his arms and spins in a 360 degree motion. Unlike Bear Screw, Teddie moves diagonally upwards, making this attack somewhat anti-air. The final strike launches the opponent above his head slightly, allowing for more attacks if implemented with proper timing. In air, Teddie doesn't go as high as he would on the ground, and the final hit in the attack causes an eject tornado effect.

Down Square: Beary-Go-Round - Teddie remains on the spot and spins like a top, his claws outward and causing damage to anyone he touches. He can move around slightly while spinning, but not by much. Mashing square makes Teddie spin for longer, but if he spins for too long, Ted will become dizzy and fall. No damage is given from falling. In air, this move becomes Bear Drill, where Teddie will flip upside down and start spinning downward. Hitting anyone on the way down will cause them to be sent flying away, and landing on the ground will create a shockwave that immediately puts opponents into a down state. The problem is, if Teddie whiffs, then he'll be forced into a relatively long recovery-time.

<u>Triangle Attacks: Screwy Bear Attacks</u>
These attacks are more silly than the claw attacks, which show off Teddie's childish side.

Neutral Triangle: Decoy Attack - Teddie apparently flinches on the spot (like Sly, kind of), and if anyone attacks during those frames, Teddie will literally explode. The burst causes the opponent to spin and crumple, while Teddie reappears behind them and can go for follow-up attacks or the kill with a super attack. In air, it's pretty much the same.
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3 years ago#2
Next time type this in advance and save your topic a few hours?
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3 years ago#3
Not done, but I can't update for a while. Please be patient!

Forward Triangle: Puppeteddie - Ted jumps back slightly and whips out a puppet version of his Shadow. Anyone hit by the puppet will be given the poison status effect for a few moments, and will be forced into a buttdrop. Since Ted is jumping backwards, it's somewhat difficult for him to follow up with more attacks, but skilled players would probably be able to work around that. The only difference in air compared to the ground is that Teddie does not jump back.

Up Triangle: Beary Big Surprise - Teddie throws a small bomb in an arc, which obviously explodes on contact with an opponent or any other surface. It doesn't have much range, and can be a good combo starter if used with good timing. In air, the arc isn't as big, but that's really the only difference.

Down Triangle: Teddivision - Ted will summon a small TV on the ground which, if he uses Down Triangle again, he will pop out of. It's a lot like Sackboy's teleport move, and there's no real difference between them, only that Teddie's lasts a little longer. It's practically the same in air.

<u>Circle Attacks: Persona Moves</u>
Every playable character in Persona has their own Persona, and Teddie is no exception to that rule. It should be noted that unlike Fat Princess and her summonings, Teddie actually has animation frames for summoning his Persona.

Neutral Circle: Burst! - Teddie's Persona, named Kintoki-Douji, will burst out from nowhere and force enemies away. This can be used to keep enemies off of you, but it must be used with caution as Ted's recovery frames are long. Teddie stops moving in air when this move is used, but other than that there's not much difference.

Forward Circle: Charge! - Kintoki-Douji will, quite suddenly, charge forward and ram into any opponents in its way. It's good for attacking big groups of enemies, or for, once again, keeping them off of your fuzzy back. In air, Kintoki-Douji goes slightly diagonally downward, like FP's warrior, although he doesn't go too far before disappearing again.

Up Circle: Bufula! - Kintoki-Douji calls forth the freezing cold power of ice to blast enemies upward. It's similar to Cole's ice spike attack, except Ted's Bufula will cause foes to fly higher. In air, it's the complete opposite - Kintoki-Douji will make the ice spike fly downward for a little while before it disappears. Enemies will be forced to the floor and into a down state, like Bear Drill.

Down: Diarahan! Kintoki-Douji uses this powerful healing spell to let Teddie automatically gain AP. Like Toro's neutral circle, Teddie is unable to move while this move is occurring, and it takes a nice while for him to recover as well. Air version is similar, where the two of them will gently float to the ground.

Like all grabs, Ted's ejects AP from the enemy, but only one grab is actually good for comboing into.

Forward: Paper Fan of Doom - Teddie will comically smack the enemy (like how Japanese stand-up comedians do, I think), before whacking them with a huge paper fan from out of nowhere. The enemy will be sent into an eject tornado while they leave behind precious AP.

Up: Goin' Bearserk! - Teddie will slash the enemy with his claws twice, before uppercutting them and lifting them off the ground. Teddie is able to follow up with this grab if moves are inputted quickly.

Down: Persona-Butt-Bash - Teddie will smack his enemy to the ground, before jumping out of the way to let Kintoki-Douji appear and land right on the enemy. This causes a down state and can't be followed up.
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3 years ago#4
TheNardDog posted...
Next time type this in advance and save your topic a few hours?

Yeah maybe >.< I have it written up I guess I was just... fixing some things as well. I have a lot of info written down... Argh
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3 years ago#5
Just checked out Persona 4.
Not very good game, imo.
I mean the story is like some hipsterish dating sim full of unoriginal monsters, the blandest of the bland anime characters both design and personality wise (emphasis on this). In this type you can't have facial expressions either so if your anime characters are bland, they're really bland, and boring RPG gameplay. Brings nothing new to the table really and doesn't even do the old very well. I can like RPGs and I'm not even picky with games. I just really hate this one. Plus, the setting doesn't help either. Just gives that boring tone along with everything else in the game.

Oh, and the music. It's like the music hipster goth kids listened to in the 90's. I really don't like it.

Checked it out because a rerelease on PS Vita. Who the hell thought this needed a rerelease?

Oh, by the way, people kept asking why there's not many RPG characters. It's a little late but it's mostly because the ones you suggest are either bad or unavailable. I'd rather good characters from genres already used. There's maybe a few good ones they can get, but not many.

Just passing time because TC is ded.
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