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Do you think that they will ever

#1ss4parrothairPosted 3/31/2013 6:14:33 PM
Big Daddy
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#2I_Wanna_CookiePosted 3/31/2013 6:17:47 PM
Dude I've been waiting SO LONG for them to ****ing finally get to
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#3KingTumbleweedPosted 3/31/2013 6:19:07 PM
Honey, I accidently Parappa.
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#4ShorydoukenPosted 3/31/2013 6:31:35 PM
Guys, yesterday... I kinda, um... accidentally...Jak'd. yeh.
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#5DavidgraymanPosted 3/31/2013 7:22:53 PM(edited)
You know it's funny you mention that because we all Zeus
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