Sweet Tooth has the advantage matchwise over Jak?

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From: LightEcoSage | #020
I still want you to gain that experience so you can develop future points about Jak and his gap/hole in his moveset to use as future points in the fight for Jak.

Yeah, guess I should do some 1v1s against skilled players. Stress testing my skills should help a lot.
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On the ground I agree that Jak has a hard time getting away from sweet tooth but I find it difficult to even get him on the ground because Jak can poke and keep away on any stage bigger than dojo.

And also Jak can outrage sweet tooth easy, so he can't camp on his mine. He could start a Molotov barrage but in that situation Jak would get up faster, which also doesn't help sweet tooth.
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mrkrs2 posted...
blazin you don't sound intelligent...sweet tooth can dominate aerial players based upon matchup knowledge and a excellent zoning aptitude

Calling someone "not intelligent" is a bit far fetched. Either explain you're points or I'm just going to disregard what you said.
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