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3 years ago#1
The hero foretold to prevent Alduin from devouring the world in the Elder Scrolls- The Dovahkiin!

Dovahkiin- Skyrim

Default- Iconic studded armor/iron helmet stuff, uses Steel weapons in his moves.- (
Alt 1- Dragon Bone armor and weaponry- (
Alt 2- Daedric armor and weaponry- (
Alt 3- Nightingale armor and weapons- (

Dovahkin is an all around character, fighting enemies with a variety of weaponry, magic, and tools. Good at everything, best at nothing. The majority of his attacks do average damage, not doing too much or too little. Moves at an average speed, is about the same height as Emmet, maybe a bit shorter (Nords are tall fellows). Will hold whatever weapon he just used (with magic he will have his sword in one hand, the spell in the other) with the exception of down triangle.

Idle stance- The 'weapon drawn' stance for whatever weapon he's currently holding.

Idle animation- If Dovahkiin sits long enough he'll have a unique idle animation depending on what he's currently holding.

Running animation- The non sprinting running animation for whatever weapon he's currently using.

Block animation- Holds up his shield.

Dodge animation- Does the roll from the 'silent roll' Stealth perk.

Jump animation- Does an enhanced version of the Skyrim jump (as in, looks less awkward). Double jump is how he is in this-

Crouch animation- His sneak stance.


Neutral- Nordic Slashes- 3 hits- Dovahkiin swings his sword three times, finishing with a backwards power attack (a quick swing downwards all the way to the ground) that tumbles enemies. Air version he instead uses dual swords, doing a three hit combo using a slash with each sword, finishing with with a scissor strike that knocks enemies back a bit. More or less is the speed of Good Cole's neutral square.

Side- Shield Bash- 1 hit- Dovahkiin does a shield bash, butt dropping enemies. Enemies that are in the air when hit will be knocked away a short distance. Can be charged for similar to Sir Dan's side square to gain damage and send enemies flying instead with a bit more range.. Good for setting up into a combo. Can also be used in place of the last hit of neutral square, though with the damage of uncharged, yet the knock away of charged. Air version flinches enemies when not charged.

Down- Two Handed Power Attack- 1 hit- Dovahkiin does a power attack with a war hammer, swinging the weapon downward in an arc and slamming it into the ground. If an enemy is hit in the arc, they're puled down to the slam. The slam sends enemies upwards a short distance. Good for starting short air combos. Air version The Dovahkiin plummets straight downwards while holding out the war hammer, carrying enemies hit down with him. At a short height has the same effect as on ground, at a great height sends enemies flying. Both versions have a bit of a start up time.

Up-Dual Sword Slice- 2 hits- Dovahkiin does a dual uppercutting slice with two swords. Slices upwards once flinching opponents, then follows up with a second uppercutting slash with the other sword that knocks opponents upwards. Can be used in place of the final hit of neutral square. Good for setting up aerial combos.
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GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#2

Neutral- Bow- Projectile- 1 shot per second firing rate- Dovahkiin pulls out his bow and fires an arrow. Only goes a short/medium distance on even ground, arcing and hitting the ground at this max distance. Doesn't flinch. Can be charged to gain damage and flinch enemies as well as making it into a medium/long distance (About Jak's Side Triangle length) projectile. Charging time takes a bit shorter than Kratos's bow. Charge cannot be held like Evil Cole's punch.

Side- Dagger Lunge- 1 hit- Dovahkiin tenses then lunges forwards with two daggers in a reverse grip at a short distance. Can be charged to have different effects- without charge he will lunge and do a scissor slice that flinches enemies. Can be used to start small combos and comes out rather quickly. Charged he will lunge and do a downward stab that crumples enemies and does more damage. Can be predictable, but if you get lucky you may get a kill confirm. Cannot hold charge. Air version he lunges downward at an angle, only has the uncharged effect.

Down- Poison Drop- Trap Placement- Dovahkiin tosses a vial of poison on the ground making a small pool of poison gas that sits for four seconds total. Enemies caught in this pool will slowly give AP to the Dovahkiin. Air version he will toss the vial straight to the ground. If this vial hits the opponent, they will be knocked down with the poison cloud.

Up- Crossbow- Projectile- Dovahkiin fires a shot from his crossbow upwards at an angle at a medium distance. Comes out quickly and the shot moves pretty fast, but has a decent recovery time due to having to reload the crossbow. Best used to finish an aerial combo upon landing, or to punish those who prefer to stay in the air. Can be punished easily if whiffed. Knocks enemies back with a good amount of velocity.


Neutral- Firebolt/Ice Spike/Lightning Bolt- Projectile- Dovahkiin casts out a destruction spell that travels a short/medium distance and flinches enemies. Isn't very powerful, but is good as an annoyance move. Moves somewhat quickly. Can be held to make the attack somewhat stronger and move faster, and can move while holding it though you will move slower. Can appear as any of the three elements. They don't have any special traits and it's just for aesthetics.

Side- Paralyze- 1 hit- Dovahkiin casts Paralyze as a touch spell (I know they took these out in Skyrim, but I felt I was making him a bit too ranged oriented), pushing out his hand like a palm strike. If this hits an enemy they will fall to the ground in whatever pose they were in, but can still be hit. If hit in this state they will instantly be put in hard knockdown. Only are paralyzed for second, but if timed right (and I mean REALLY well) can be kill confirmed. Has a bit of a start up in which he seems to charge the spell.

Down- Healing- AP Generator- Dovahkiin uses the 'Healing' spell, slowly building AP. Has a bit of recovery time for him to stop using the spell. Must keep holding O to continue healing. Every 20 AP he will take a short pause.

Up- Stoneflesh- Buff- Dovahkiin casts stone flesh, making the next three attacks used against him gain half AP. Is a charge based ability to activate, and takes about four seconds to charge. Can be hard to get out, but if you manage to it can be a strong tool for preventing an opponent's AP burst.


Side- Dovahkiin hits them with a side power attack with his war hammer, sending them flying.

Down- Dovahkiin does one of the stealthed Dagger finishers on the enemy dropping them to the ground. Herd knockdown. (I'd call it flatten but going with their lingo for this if I can.)

Up- Dovahkiin uses Telekinesis then dual casts Sparks (imagine Emperor Palpatine lightning but weaker) shocking enemies and making them drop AP.
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GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#3

Level 1- Unrelenting Force- The ever famous Fus Ro Dah. Fires a shockwave in front of him that has a few different effects. Has the unique ability that it can be charged via three different ways, signifying which it is via saying FUS, RO, and DAH. Fus is the fastest, but only hits directly in front of him and will do a 'butt drop' animation on the enemy before they die. RO will gain double the range and give enemies a 'knockback' animation before killing them and comes out slower due to having to wait. DAH makes it gain the range of Ratchet's level 1, and sends enemies flying, making them kill any enemies they hit before dying similar to Cole's level 1 toss. It's up to you to decide between hitting them with a quick strike, or have a slow and predictable yet powerful roar that will kill multiple enemies.

Level 2- Dragonrend- Dovahkiin looks to the sky and uses the shout, tearing a dragon from the sky and making it plummet down in a straight vertical line to where he is standing. Once it lands the Dovahkiin kills it with a stab and quickly devours it's soul. Any enemies hit on it's plummet or it's death animation will be killed. (it's basically Emmet's but right on top of him with a wider hitbox for the drop, but a smaller 'explosion').

Level 3- Dragon Aspect and Marked for Death- Dovahkiin uses the new Dragon Aspect shout, surrounding him in an aura, and Marked For Death on his foes. Dovahkiin can then run around the stage using different shouts to finish off foes-

Square becomes Elemental Fury imbued Dual Sword attacks with a good forward momentum, Triangle becomes Whirlwind Sprint while holding out his shield making him kill anyone he charges into, and Circle becomes Fire Breath making him shout slow moving bursts of Fire that can be aimed (no hold to fire in front of him, up to fire upwards at an angle, and down to fire downwards at an angle)

Lvl 3 Theme-


Throw Voice- He uses Throw Voice shout making a random insult (Cheese Brain, Skeever Butt).

Cheese!- Sheogorath appears and yells one of his famous lines.

Nordic Pride- Faces the screen and roars at the sky.


The Dragonborn Comes- Dovahkiin walks up to the screen with his sword in it's sheath, then draws it and takes a fighting stance.

Alduin's Bane- The Whirlwind Sprint shout is heard and Dovahkiin appears almost out of nowhere, steadying himself from the shout before raising his blade at the screen.

Way of the Voice- The area is covered in thick mist which is shouted away by the Dovahkiin by using the Clear Skies shout who then takes a fighting stance.

Hero of Skyrim- Dovahkiin is looking down with only his sword out pointed to the ground, then slowly looks up towards the screen.


Season Unending- Dovahkiin hears a dragon roar and runs off to the side of the screen in pursuit.

Companion- Dovahkiin rests his war hammer on his shoulder while smirking

Bend Will- Dovahkiin mounts a dragon he has control of, which then flies off.

Dragonborn- The effect for devouring a dragon soul passes through Dovahkiin as he takes a triumphant pose.

Outro losses-

- Dovahkiin is holding his leg with an arrow in his knee.

- Dovahkiin is on one knee supporting himself with the war hammer.

-The dragon has Dovahkiin in his mouth and is swinging him around.

- Dovahkiin is collapsed to the ground struggling to get up as Miraak stands behind him.

Kill, killed, and item pick up quotes-

All just different grunts and yells.

Victory Theme-

Victory 1- first level up tone in the video.
Victory 2-
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GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#4
Just had a few changes I wanted to make, also credit to Final_Tran for how the Level 1 Super works, was a very good idea and I had to implement it.

Also- Last night I published my first LBP level! I'm quite proud of it, and I'd love for anyone here who plays LBP to try it out :D Link-
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GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#5
Dovahkiin is certainly versitle. I love reading your movesets, the characters match their series pretty well. Movesets are always fun to read.

And I'll try that LBP level later. I was never an ace at making them myself.
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3 years ago#6
KingTumbleweed posted...
Dovahkiin is certainly versitle. I love reading your movesets, the characters match their series pretty well. Movesets are always fun to read.

And I'll try that LBP level later. I was never an ace at making them myself.

Thanks :D And let me know what you think. Next moveset to be edited that I'm currently working on- Steve from Minecraft.
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GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#7
Great moveset, this is exactly how I would have imagined him.
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3 years ago#8
Almost forgot!- the arcade mode stuff!-

Arcade Intro-
*Starts with a render of Dovahkiin stepping into Sky Haven Temple before changing to a shot of him walking up to Esbern.* *Esbern turns to him*
"Aaah Dragonborn there you are. I take it you received my message?"
*pans to a shot of Esbern holding up a scroll*
"While you were gone we have been gathering information to aid you...."
*changes to a shot of them now standing in front of his desk as he unfurls the scroll*
"And we may have found something!"
*Esbern now has the map open*
"There has been rumor of a gathering of warriors of all kinds... Here."
*Esbern points to a location on the map*
"They say that a being of great power is behind this gathering.... We believe that it is one of Alduin's minions."
*pans to a shot of Esbern turning to the Dovahkiin as he's walking out*
"Go Dragonborn! Discover what this being is- And if it is a threat deal with it quickly. We await your return!"


Rivaled with Wander-

*Dovahkiin is running through Polygon Man's realm after a large, purple, crystalline (hint hint) dragon. He runs up a set of polygonal pillars like a set of stairs and is about to leap off them onto it's back when an arrow suddenly flies out of nowhere nearly hitting him. This causes him to become startled and fall to the ground. He gets up groaning as Wander walks up holding out his sword*
*Wander in his language*
"Stop pursuing the colossus! I cannot allow you to kill it, I must be the one to do so! I musts save her!"
*Dovahkiin gets up and brushes aside the sword, having not understood Wander then looks towards where the 'dragon' was flying and begins walking. Wander becomes enraged and lunges at him swinging his blade*
"I warned you!"
*Dovahkiing suddenly turns and blocks the blow as they both take fighting stances*
"I have no other choice!"

Arcade Outro-
*Dovahkiin walks into Sky Haven Temple and Esbern turns towards him having heard his footsteps*
"Ah Dragonborn, what have you discovered?"
*Turns to a shot of Dovahkiin tossing him a shard from Polygon Man's realm, then pans to a view of Esbern catching it.*
"Hmm... It seems to be a simple crystal... Yet I feel a great magical power within it simply from touching it."
*Goes to a shot of both of them looking over the crystal*
"You say that the land you visited was made up of this? Interesting... Is there anything else you saw or found that may aid us?"
*Pans to a close up shot of Dovahkiin as AP begins swirling around him*
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#9
Also nevermind on editing Steve next, gonna edit em in their rivalry pairs. Wander is up next!
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#10
Almost forgot the minion-

Minion- Lydia
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21
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