Wander (Shadow of the Colossus) Moveset Complete Version. (Some SotC spoilers)

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T_l_M_B_0 posted...
Nice moveset, would be a fun character :)

Thanks :D
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Dsurions_Wrath posted...
Actually- Now that I think of it, That Game Company AT LEAST let them use one of their games for a stage! *grumble grumble*. And they seem like they'd be snobbier than Team Ico! D:<

Do you mean Unfinished Swan? That's not made by That Game Company, it's by Giant Sparrow. (Who I think have TGC's old contract-position, but still not the same group.)

Even though it's disappointing that Team ICO don't want their characters included, I can understand why, and I'm sort of glad too. and if they don't want it, I'd rather Sony doesn't force them regardless of how they feel about it.

For the record, The Last Guardian is less than two years overdue - its cancelled release was for the end of 2011. Why is it so crucial that it comes out ASAP? I'd much rather wait for a better game than get a rushed/incomplete one now. It's not like we've got nothing to do in the meanwhile...


Good work on the moveset! Great detail. (and I would so love to see Mono as a minion!)
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