Most satisfying Kill Confirm?

#1IcyFlamez96Posted 4/7/2013 4:04:31 PM(edited)
Not everyone may know this one, but my most satisfying kill confirm is when you hit someone a distance away with an ice rocket but he's to far to just walk up and super, so you grind over to him, shoulder charge, when you guys are both falling to the ground you have to wait until you're at the bottom of your fall then BAM. Hit em with an ice rocket and super.

Edit: OH DUH! How could I forget Evil Cole's double wallbounce to level 1?
#2Potatoman622Posted 4/7/2013 4:02:48 PM
My fireball bounce confirms with Fatty. The timing on them is tight though.
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#3EstheimasterPosted 4/7/2013 4:18:57 PM
E. Cole's Fire Punch /shot

Nah, I like G. Cole and his freeze shot. It's a hit or miss, so it's very edgy
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#4SpammingJellyPosted 4/7/2013 4:23:42 PM
Sackboys up grab on parpa
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#5jhoke13Posted 4/7/2013 4:31:41 PM
Dante's air down+circle into level 1. Pre-patch the timing was tight, post-patch the timing is downright ridiculous. Props if you can pull it off in a real match.
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#6XenoFFvsPosted 4/7/2013 4:50:47 PM
Potatoman622 posted...
My fireball bounce confirms with Fatty. The timing on them is tight though.

Yeah those are INSANE!!
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#7red_latias77Posted 4/7/2013 5:20:33 PM
Radec's sticky grenade wallbounce into level 1.
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#8PhoenixRushPosted 4/7/2013 7:46:05 PM
Toro's midair headbutt.
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#9mariofilho12Posted 4/7/2013 7:49:28 PM
Isaac's Level 1 confirm without the freeze (When you have to aim slightly up and shoot at the exact spot)

Nothing like nailing that shot and taunting afterwards :3
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#10TheNardDogPosted 4/7/2013 8:09:53 PM
I find it to be Jak's lvl 2.
You don't have to rush it after the punch that confirms it, and it looks pretty cool.
Plus, we didn't have it for a while. Makes it more satisfying.
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