Why are people claiming Isaac's mine's are OP?

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I think mines really help balance certain characters like isaac against certain close up combo characters like raiden. Mines=Balance
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Plus his lvl 1 doesn't track you like radec does so it actually takes timing rather than yoloing the shot.


like Radec's tracking is good in any way

Whether good or not its better than do tracking at all. I mean if you are on a stage with barely or no platforms on 2v2 of ffa you can yolo(huehuehue) the shot and get lucky.

not really, it can still be easily avoided even with the tracking, and that's if you can actually get it to track. The only way you'll hit with Radec's level 1 is as a punish on a very unsafe move, or people who aren't paying attention. Isaac's level 1 is better in every single way. It's easily one of the best level 1s in the game..
I've used radec before (my first 999) his tracking is not bad at all. Isaac's lvl 1 is good but not OP. His stasis takes 1 second to come out and has average range and speed which gives you plenty of time to hide away from his kill shot. He only has a few ways to confirm lvl 1 which are obvious to see and punish. Using his lvl 1 raw is risky because of his start up with stasis especially in ffa.