Who is the best character overall?

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He's top tier in all modes.

Raiden is somewhere along the middle of high tier in 2v2s. It's for a similar reason that Kat is not the best character in the game despite being obviously broken in that they need a wall-type character due to their long combos.

Currently, Cole is the best character in the game overall, as he is top tier in every game mode and being THE highest tourney-legal character in 1v1.

Good Cole or Evil Cole? I assume you meant Good Cole, but I just want to make sure.

The character Cole goes by the names

Good Cole

The character Evil Cole goes by the names

Evil Cole
E. Cole
E. Coli (I always thought this was dumb)

Yeah, I thought you meant G. Cole. I feel dumb for even doubting it lol
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Jak a
All game modes

GET a load of THIS!!!!!