.hack G.U. Haseo moveset

#1AngelicSamuraiPosted 4/8/2013 7:00:02 PM
Default suit-First appearance look
Lvl10-Awakening of Skeith Form
DLC-Haseo Xth Form
Square attack-normal slash combo
Up square-upper slash. Up to 3 hits
Down square- downward slash, knocking enemies to the ground.
Side square-dashing forward slash.Forward slash if still.
Triangle attack long-range jab with broadsword.Hold to charge.
Up triangle-launch Spin Gai Gu weapons diagonally upward
Down triangle- broad legged stab into ground, works in air.
Side triangle- scythe Shouxiao slash in desired direction
Circle -counter
Up circle- multiple dual guns shots
Down circle- shoots into ground causing shockwave if on ground/shoots downward in air.
Side circle- charged dual slash launching small shockwave of energy forward.
First Super- Twin Blade dash
Super2- Summoning of projectile weapons. Launches across stage.
Super3- Summon Skeith- square slash, forward dashing, small beams only forward