Why is Sir Daniel the best character in the game?

#1DrunkenMegamanPosted 4/9/2013 7:49:41 PM
Why is Kratos always so angry?
Why is Parappa so confident in himself?
Why is Sweet Tooth so murderous?
Why doesn't Fat Princess exercise?
Why is Sly always sneaking around?
Why is Radec so badass?
Why is Nathan Drake so sarcastic?
Why is Cole so famous?
Why is Evil Cole so infamous?
Why is Isaac's life so hard?
Why is Zeus so godlike?
Why does Ratchet watch so many holofilms?
Why is Kat so OP?
Why does Emmett make easy money?
Why is Jak so controversal?
Why is Nariko so....... masculine?
Why is Heihachi's moustache so manly?
Why is Dante referred to as Donte?
Why is Big Daddy even in this game?
Why is Jack a one man army?
Why is Sackboy's suplex so good?
Why is Spike so psyched?
Why is Toro such a bad character now?
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DrunkenMegaman posted...
Why does Ratchet watch so many holofilms?

Hey, you get lonely when you're the last of your species.
#3DrHamTheDogPosted 4/9/2013 8:03:16 PM
Beacause of that swag dance
Beacause of daddie no love him
Beacasue his skate board neverrrrr stops
Beacause someone made him drop his ice cream :(
Beacause who needs that when you got cake
Beacause he has to slip right in
Beacause dat mask/helment
Beacasue he's sexy
Beacasue he'll catch you later
Beacasue it ain't ever fair
Beacause God hates him
Beacause of his abs :)
Beacasue Mr. zurkon makes him watch them
Beacasue her screams kills
Beacause he's a space cowboy
Beacasue daxter is op
Beacause she goes to the gym with kratoast
Beacasue of his manly laugh
Beacause some people no like him :(
Beacuase *whale noises*
Beacasue he's yours
Beacuase everyone love dat wrestling
Beacause bannanas
Beacause meow
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You forgot Raiden.
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#5fretless58Posted 4/9/2013 8:03:53 PM
Because nobody knows how to fight Sir Dan properly.
Because he was tricked into killing his own family.
Because he needs to believe in himself or else he'll lose.
Because he's completely insane.
Because she likes cake too much.
Because you need to be sneaky to steal stuff.
Because he's the colonel of the Helghast.
Because he's a wise guy.
Because he can manipulate electricity.
Because he's power hungry.
Because he's unlucky and has a bad job.
Because he's king of the gods.
Because he enjoys them.
Because of bad game balancing.
Because he's a bounty hunter.
Because they didn't get his original voice actor.
Because she was raised that way.
Because he takes pride in his appearance.
Because nobody likes the new Dante.
Because the guys who made Bioshock wanted him in.
Because he's a cyborg ninja.
Because he uses the grabinator gloves.
Because he's a kid.
Because of bad game balancing.
#6fretless58Posted 4/9/2013 8:04:32 PM
DelsinRowe posted...
You forgot Raiden.

No he didn't.
#7DavidgraymanPosted 4/9/2013 8:10:52 PM
Why do birds sing so gay?
And lovers await the break of the day?
Why do they fall in love?
Why does the rain fall from up above?
Why do fools fall in love?
Who wrote the book of love?
Do you believe in magic?
Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you draw near?
How much is that dolly in the window?
Is there a bumper on your ass? no
Isn't it so much better to be in?
Are you in?
Do you know what they do to guys like us in prison?
Do you know what I'm seeing?
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fretless58 posted...
DelsinRowe posted...
You forgot Raiden.

No he didn't.

There is no question about him. If I'm missing something, could you please explain?
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Kratos is so ornery because he's got all them teeth, but no toothbrush.
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DelsinRowe posted...
fretless58 posted...
DelsinRowe posted...
You forgot Raiden.

No he didn't.

There is no question about him. If I'm missing something, could you please explain?

For raiden i said he's yours. raiden says "your mines" during his level one that was my joke it wasn't good i know.