Discuss the Balance (1v1) Day 13: Dante

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Where do you think Dante stands on the tier list - Results (43 votes)
Top Tier
25.58% (11 votes)
High Tier
39.53% (17 votes)
High Mid Tier
23.26% (10 votes)
Mid Tier
6.98% (3 votes)
Low Mid Tier
0% (0 votes)
Low Tier
0% (0 votes)
Bottom Tier
4.65% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Today we discuss **** YOU!

So, I think we can all agree that recently Dante has proven that he can fight amongst the top tier as an equal. Dante has combo potential like no other, completely safe normals on block due to cancelling, and the potential to fight through pretty much any kind of direct oposition in some respect. His biggest weakness,even before his buff, was his vulnerability to pretty much any kind of zoning, and this still stands true, Characters like Good Cole can very effectively shut down Dante and that generates a bunch of bad matchups.

Still, I believe the Demon killer deserves a top tier spot, as he has the tools to take on most of the characters in the Cast. Even with his weaknesses, I still think he is at the bottom of the Top Tier, or maybe at worst the top of High Tier

What do you guys think though?
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A character with the tools to compete with every top tier character but loses to most of them once the player figures out the MU. He has to slightly outplay his opponents to win and that's his biggest weakness. He has absolutely no struggle from characters below high tier.
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I agree with everything you said TC, I vote Top Tier.