Does Kratos take skill to use? POLL.

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I got my 14 year old friend to pick up kratos. He literally knew nothing but how to press square.

This was extremely effective because even if the other player was good, some characters can NOT punish it. xD
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U dont need skill to play him, but he can be played skillfully.
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Of course most Kratos users spam square, but he actually has combos that take some skill to learn. Not everyone spams.
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To be a good Kratos yes it takes skill just as any other character. It's a shame I don't see many good Kratos players. Even the one who are black belt mash square all day.

I'll have to disagree with this. I spent about 10 minutes total (like 5 minutes on a two different days) in practice mode with Kratos to get to where I am now. Did some online mode with him too. I learned a ton of AP bursts and combos and general tricks in that time and I'd say I have a decent Kratos. That's still 5 minutes more than I spent with Kat to learn her, but 10 minutes to master a character is pretty stupid. He doesn't really take a whole lot of practice to be good with. Not a whole lot of his combos are hard to do at all. Anything else with him can be learned playing online. However, none of that is relevant because I'll have to agree with this:

DireProphecy posted...
no characters in this game take skill to use

You don't understand. Just because you can do a character's basic combos doesn't mean you have mastered them.

By that logic I have mastered over half of the cast.

The real question is...can you beat a good player with him? I doubt it. Lol ranked FFAs don't count.

I beat you 1v1, and managed to just barely scrape a win against Lizardheart in 2v2 randumbs. Not sure if that counts. Knowing the high standards around these parts, probably not... And I don't touch ranked or FFA. Not sure if you remember this but I always quote chain to agree with you whenever you make a "loltimedffa" post. Always agreed with you that FFA is a joke. You cant just assume i play a certain mode or not. No need to give me attitude, seriously you always do that and then wonder why people argue with you and/or don't like you >__>

Edit: wait, just lemme make it clear that I'm not claiming to be better than anyone. That's not it at all, not saying I'm better than lizard or anything. I'm not. The previous post asked if I could beat a good player, and I answered that I did because I did manage to do so in 2v2 randumbs. I ran into lizard and his sweet tooth partner again later that same night and got owned, so it's all good. No hard feelings towards anyone :P

I'm pretty sure I won 90+ percent of our games. Despite me mainly using Isaac whom I just had just picked up.

If you are saying you beat me as Kratos once, I was probably using my day 1 Isaac at the same time. Lizard was probably also going characters he wasn't used to.

Beating someone's lesser characters is hardly worth bragging about or proof that you've beaten a good player. Especially in doubles where they might have the added handicapt of a bad partner.
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Also after our matches you specifically told me 1vs1 was not your thing and that's why you were performing poorly. Thats' why I assumed you were referring to other modes with that post.

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the word "fact" seems to be thrown around here.
I can't do half the **** most Kratos players do, so clearly he takes some skill.
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I like how more people voted in this poll than any of my other polls.

I didn't even know 160 people still attended this board.
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He takes about the same amount of skill as most characters, but the problem is that his actions earn higher rewards than the other characters' combos. It can be just as hard to learn Kratos as it is to learn Rachet, but Kratos gains his Lv. 1 almost instantly sometimes.
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