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3 years ago#21
Simple, just make it generate AP for her. Anything that's passive = generate AP. Easy way to think up characters into this game.
I should go.
3 years ago#22
I voted Cloud, but I'd rather Squall. But really if anyone deserves the spot it's Cloud.
3 years ago#23
... how is Titus beating Sephiroth?
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3 years ago#24
figures every jumps on stroking FFVII's d***
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3 years ago#25
After playing Dissidia, I definitely would want Lightning, She could be fun to play as.
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3 years ago#26
Shows how bad this community is when Lightning is in 2nd. I'm so happy some of you aren't working on developing characters, this game would be utter s***.

Also, no Kain? Pfft.
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3 years ago#27
Yeah, FFV is too good for this game.

*Mimics Heihachi's Level 3 Super on you for thinking a game that starred that Red Riding Hood wannabe Gilgamesh is good*
3 years ago#28
Cloud makes the most sense for obvious reasons.
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3 years ago#29
i voted titus for lawls. you know its spelled tidus right?
3 years ago#30
co1onel posted...
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