I think Silent Hill would deliver a good stage mashup. *possible spoilers*

#1Dead Guy HubbinPosted 4/12/2013 6:57:50 PM
Just imagine fighting in Crash Bandicoot 2's Warp Room, when suddenly air sirens go off in the distance as Alessa appears in the background and the wall and floor surfaces peel away to reveal metal gratings and flesh.
#2marioparty17Posted 4/12/2013 7:16:26 PM
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#3MegaWentEvilPosted 4/12/2013 7:18:04 PM
How about adding that giant Eileen head too?
#4gameghy555Posted 4/12/2013 7:35:03 PM
I like the idea....DLC kind of died for this game.
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#5Nightstryk3r619Posted 4/12/2013 10:03:13 PM
I was thinking the Sierra Madre from Fallout: New Vegas, and then random Marionettes fall in to damage the players.
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#6rammtayPosted 4/13/2013 4:09:20 AM
How about Pyramid Head being a character? One of my most wanted btw. Gex, PH, Nemesis, Raziel, and of course the obvious Crash and Spyro