Just Solo'd a Kratos and a Kat!

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User Info: Heroicmedic92

3 years ago#31
LOL @Lizard telling me I cant learn Ratchet and only learn Sly... either someones

1) Using sarcasm and I cant detect it over the internet

2) Being a whiny *****

But yeah his cost should go up to 725. In return buff some of his underused moveset...
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Done with Sly. Maybe... Sly/Kratos?

User Info: blaze19_0X

3 years ago#32
Link versus Cloud posted...
xSSBB64x posted...
DelsinRowe posted...
Link versus Cloud posted...
So you used the most OP character in the game to win a 2v2 match against two scrubs after letting your partner get killed to be put in a 2v1 situation? Wow so impressive...

Lol both Kratos and Kat are more OP than Sly. I bet you were one of the ones that lost to him since you sound so butthurt.

I addressed this already and the point I was making was clarified by Lizard.

PielordX posted...
Only on gamefaqs would a guy openly say that this is a big feat for him because he's not good and still get castrated for it anyway.

Fair enough, I could have been nicer about it, but the point still stands. One of his reasons for this being such a big feat was that he was facing Kratos...when the character he used is actually better for that mode and all it took to win was mine camping/counter spamming/OP level 3.

@ Blaze/Liz

My two cents on top tier/high tier in 1v1s

Top Tier
1 - Kat
2 - Good Cole
3 - Evil Cole
4 - Issac (forgot about him in my previous post)
5 - Raiden

High Tier
6 - Ratchet
7 - Fatty P
8 - Sly
9 - Dante
10 - Kratos

Raiden is still ranked too highly imo. I'd definitely put Ratchet and Fatty P over him. He's great when he gets in but he has serious trouble getting in. Ratchet never needs to get in and Fatty P is way better at covering options than Raiden.

I know Lizardheart agrees with you but keep in mind a lot of what he says is based off emotion and knee jerk reactions.

For instance, when Dabuz did that zero-death with ST on stream he started saying ST might be viable after all.......despite the combo only being possible due to an online teleport glitch.
Link versus Cloud 3 years ago#33
^ I get what you are saying. Im not as high on Raiden as Liz is seeing as how he has Raiden over both Issac and EC (which seems like a potential knee jerk you allude to from his Raiden/Issac match up) but I think Raiden is definitely above FP post patch.

Its hard to reliably level 1 with FP now which relies her to go more level 2s which is always a huge disadvantage in 1v1s. In direct match-ups with Raiden, Raiden can even reliably trade lives with his level 1 against FP's 2.

Raiden's air forward circle can be linked into counter or grab on block which presents a guessing game making that a fairly strong way for him to get in and then he can confirm to level 1 off the counter OR grab and if the air forward circle is not blocked he can link that to an AP burst or forward square into level 1. I think Raiden basically destroys every Melee character except Kat and only people with great zoning AND some melee potential (Coles/Issac) really present trouble for him.

I can see your argument for Ratchet potentially but Ratchet's terrible match-up with Sly moves him out of the top tier for me.
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