The Murray moveset (SlyCooper)

#1KagePakkunPosted 4/16/2013 6:25:51 PM
Murray, one of my top 2 picks for second reps!

[]:Major League Combo- 3 hit punch combo. (Basedon a line from the first time you play with him in Thieves in time)
[] :Elbo El Drop o Charge (a forward sliding punch )
v![] :El Drop o a lo Macho ( a dropping elbow smash, opponent falls flat on ground.)
^[] :Uppercut (follow up with [] to add a knock away punch.)

^:Pink Tornado (presse and get 2 spinning hits, while holding longer gets you4hits.
^:Mega Charge Attack: (Runs forward with a series of punches. 2 levels like Pink Tornado).
v^: Thunder Flop (Actual Thunder Flop, refer to neutral O)
^^:Belly Smash (opponent flies upwards.)

O:Glove Change: (Can shuffle through Flame, Shock, Dynamite,and Confusion, which affect all [] attacks and Thunder Flop. Flame burns opponent and nets small amounts of AP, Shock shocks for .5 seconds, Dynamite causes hard knockback, and Confusion confuses for .5 seconds.)
O:Clothesline a lo macho
vO:Be the Ball (can bounce 2times in succesion, bouncing the opponent up.)
^O:Temporal Lock (freezes opponents above Murray for a short time.)

Grab: Throw (opponent gets thrown forward.)
v Grab: Slam
^ Grab: Looty Shake (Murray picks up the opponent and shakes the AP out of them.)

Lvl. 1: Stomp! (anyone caught in the radius of his stomp is dead)
Lvl. 2: Shell Shock! (Murray picks up Bentley and pitches him at opponents, aimable.)
Lvl. 3:Demolition Destruction: Murray hops in the van and chases his opponents around while they are caught in sand pits. Haven't decided on a 2d or top down view.

Taunt 1:Bending it like the truth: Murray bends a steal pipe with his awesome muscles.
Taunt 2: Guttoral Roar: Murray lets out a fearsome roar.
Taunt 3: Snack on the go: Murray pulls out various foods like in Sly 4.

Outfit 1: Normal.
Outfit 2: Ultimate Murray
Outfit 3: Lady Geisha disguise

I hope Murray gets in...
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#2RealSlyCooperPosted 4/16/2013 7:14:25 PM
I'd play as him.
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I like it. I also made a Murray moveset and a Bentley one as well.
#5Nightstryk3r619Posted 4/17/2013 7:42:29 PM
I would like to see The Murray included at some point. Hopefulyl with an Aboriginal alt costume, too.
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AndKevinBacon posted...
I like it. I also made a Murray moveset and a Bentley one as well.

Yeah,I saw. I like your counter idea and your level 3. Bentley was cool too.
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