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User Info: Ur-Phoenix

4 years ago#1
Dart from Legend of Dragoon, with HD upgrade, of course.
If no1 knows who that is, nvm.

User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#2
Are you aware this has been stated many times?
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User Info: Rainbowsaurus

4 years ago#3
Not the "newest" idea, tbh.

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#4
KingTumbleweed posted...
Are you aware this has been stated many times?
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User Info: IcyFlamez96

4 years ago#5
r u new

User Info: ArmoredElder

4 years ago#6
Rainbowsaurus posted...
Not the "newest" idea, tbh.
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User Info: geneocide

4 years ago#7
IcyFlamez96 posted...
r u new
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User Info: Ur-Phoenix

4 years ago#8
New to board, yes. And i meant new as in to game, not an original idea. Sorry?

User Info: Nightstryk3r619

4 years ago#9
It's not El Darto, of course, but it's from the same game...
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