Classic Sonic: Moveset

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Classic Sonic Moveset:

Tails follows you around
double jump
hold x to fly tails gets tired after and starts falling then rests
he doesn't run in this game

neutral:punches two times then does a slide kick (buttdrop) (can combo after)
up:cartwheel kick (can combo after)
side:does a hard punch (can charge when charged - falls on knees) (can combo after)
down:slide kick (fall in air) (can combo after)

Air square
neutral:spins a white blur (stuns)
up:cartwheel kick (can combo after)
side:side spin kick (sending them flying)
down:divekick (bounces) (can combo after)

neutral:homing attack (can combo after)
up:spring jump (can combo after)
side:spin dash (charge) press x to jump (can combo after)
down:spin charge (charge) press x to jump (can combo after)

neutral:shield barrier- absorbs projectiles (disappears when hit)
up:lightning shield - draws nearby ap on the ground (disappears when hit)
side:fire shield - drains ap (disappears when hit)
down:bubble shield - press down circle to bounce on the ground
(disappears when hit) (buttdrop) (can combo after)

lvl 1: light speed dash - dashes at the opponent in a trail of rings at the end is a large ring

lvl 2: blue tornado - summons tails in the blue tornado
Square:shoots missles
Triangle:plane does a spin attack
Circle: sonic jumps out of plane and does a homing attack

lvl 3: super sonic - collects all 7 chaos emeralds thens turns into super sonic and flys around killing the opponent
x :dash


side square charge + n square x3 + down square + up square + jump + air n square + air s square

Side square charge + n square x3 + down square + up square + jump + air up square + air side square

d circle + d circle + d square + up square + jump + air up square + air side square

n square x3 + d square + up square + n triangle + air side square

s triangle + jump + air n triangle + air side square

Hit confirms
s square charged + lvl 1
n square x3 + lvl 1
d circle + d circle + lvl 1

losing animation:
falls down starts blinking then rings fall out

Green Hill Zone

Invincibilty:protects you from attacks (5 seconds)
Gold Ring: gives you 20 ap
White Fills up one super bar and draws nearby ap
Yellow Drills the opponent (sending them flying)
Cyan attacks opponent in a zigzag pattern
Blue turns into a block and smashes on the opponent
Green hovers then does a light speed dash in the air
Pink turns into a spike ball then rolls on the ground or wall
Purple turns into a Berserker Chomper chomping at the opponent (5 seconds)
Violet Turns into a black hole sucks in opponents and items thens explodes
Orange acts like a rocket then explodes on opponent
Red turns into a fireball then explodes

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