Imagine if Donut Drake were a skin...

#1RealSlyCooperPosted 4/20/2013 1:01:43 PM
Everyone would be using Drake then.
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#2LanceDrakePosted 4/20/2013 1:03:30 PM
Maybe he wouldn't be able to slide around so fast all the time!
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#3KingTumbleweedPosted 4/20/2013 1:05:14 PM
We need less serious and more comedic costumes.

We need Cod of War!
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#4wwinterj25Posted 4/20/2013 5:34:21 PM
Towel Kat is the only right answer.
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#5ZavalsBizPosted 4/20/2013 9:42:23 PM
I always hated Donut Drake. How could you turn a guy that looks like Nate into that thing? No thanks please.
#6roboiagoPosted 4/21/2013 2:09:51 AM
all my money
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#7DavidgraymanPosted 4/21/2013 6:29:37 AM
RealSlyCooper posted...
Everyone would be using Drake then.

They already do........
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