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What happened to SuperSonyBros? (Archived)Blublur75626/6 7:14PM
You'll never win! (Archived)ButKevinBacon76/6 7:13PM
Need some help with the online trophies please read. (Archived)Ziggletooth15/30 12:33PM
Here's something that I don't think anyone's posted (Archived)videogames75_525/25 11:55PM
It makes me incredibly upset that this game will probably never get a sequel... (Archived)taoxadasa35/24 11:55PM
Need help with friendly competition trophy (Archived)Darkomega77745/24 11:37AM
I have never heard of this game (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ss4parrothair115/21 10:10PM
I am genuinely shocked... (Archived)geneocide35/19 7:57PM
need help with friendly competition tropy (Archived)Darkomega77715/18 7:14PM
trophy question (Archived)ethanlam22215/6 3:35PM
Says I need an online pass? (Archived)JustAFraud55/5 11:26AM
Has there been any news at all about this game? (Archived)RealSlyCooper25/3 10:42PM
I hate Superbot even more now. (Archived)ArroganceMalice45/3 7:31PM
PSASBR Dante Stylish Combos / Confirms 1.12 on All Stages (Grand Finale) (Archived)Ringtailduzit14/29 2:16AM
Who wants to play? (Archived)JustAFraud14/27 12:39PM
how come Dante can cancel his guns but Kratos can't cancel his arrows (Archived)disterbedone54/25 5:34PM
Here's a hypothetical (Poll)ArmoredElder74/22 3:43PM
Sometimes I Wonder (Archived)XDarkMethod44/22 9:31AM
I feel like, if this game had done as hoped by Sony (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
XDarkMethod174/21 10:55AM
if you can put your destiny guardian into the game (Archived)GameSmith9954/13 4:53PM
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