Is Radec fun to use?

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2 years ago#11
I spam as much sniper as possible until someone gets annoyed and chases me

then when they get close to me by jumping or rolling, I don't go for forward square, I use:

Up triangle
up throw
shock grenade


And I actually use his air down square into level 1 hit confirm.
2 years ago#12
If all you do is run in the corner and mash Forward Triangle, then no, he isn't fun; you're going to miss a lot of shots, and you're probably going to die.

If you run to the corner and actually aim/time your shots, he's a blast to use. Especially when you land those jumping sniper shots on people who think they're safe in the air. Just make sure to practice handling up-close situations, because it's a bit tricky and his tools are limited.
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