Gene (God Hand) would make this game amazing.

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  3. Gene (God Hand) would make this game amazing.

User Info: DrunkenMegaman

3 years ago#1
That is, if they don't make him stupidly good/glitchy like 3 of the past 4 DLC characters.
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User Info: -BrokenSpiral-

3 years ago#2
hell yeah

User Info: TheBestGman2007

3 years ago#3
... I'd rather have Ammy, or Joe, or even Bayonetta...
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User Info: legendofskyland

3 years ago#4
I'm starting to wonder is "glitchy" is really a code word of "I got my ass beat and I need an excuse"

just saiyan

User Info: Davidgrayman

3 years ago#5

or joe....actually screw you Viewitful Joe
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User Info: boy_luck

3 years ago#6
Gene would've been perfect for U/MVC3 as his addition would have given me my perfect Clover team, but since he's the studio's only character not represented elsewhere (and the fact that he's freaking awesome), Gene would be the single most amazing character on PSASBR

Wishful thinking, though...
Sora is a terrible character. Deal with it!
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  3. Gene (God Hand) would make this game amazing.

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