Anyone who calls anyone a spammer spams Forward / \ when using Radec.

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Actually, your earlier post states any move can be labelled as 'spam' so...

Yes everything is 'spam' however

I want you to find one word in this topic that states TC lost to a Radec spammer.

If you read my first post I specifically state bad players raise 'spamming' as a defense mechanism, and further gave an example of how a good player and a bad player would describe losing to an abusive technique, and it holds true with most people I play in other games, but TC himself corrected himself so you should stop

What I meant was, if they call me constantly bold cancelling on Dante (not that empty cancel loop, mind you) spamming, then what's Radec's sniper rifle supposed to be

See he gets it. Why is Dante doing Dante stuff different when it all uses the same thing, bold cancel, and Dante is called skilled?
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You should go. Nobody understands you.
I should go.
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Nobody understands you.

It just means I'm still good at what I do
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DreoreSilere posted...
SpacePirateKhan posted...
Anyone who calls anyone a spammer sucks, unless they won against said spammer and are simply pointing out that they lost because they spammed poorly.

No, that's even worse. That's like being salty even after winning.

Actually, it is.

Well, I meant pointing it out with the good intention of informing them that by pressing nothing but Neutral Circle as Sackboy, they're not utillizing him to his full potential. Not as an insulting "lol spammy noob." style message.
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Anyone who uses spammer as an insult is bad