would you forgive SSM if...

#1NeptunezzzzPosted 4/28/2013 1:43:58 PM
they announced 2 new dlc characters and just gave them for free again?
#2KingTumbleweedPosted 4/28/2013 1:49:55 PM
Depends who they are.
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#3MyZombieFianceePosted 4/28/2013 1:54:40 PM
KingTumbleweed posted...
Depends who they are.

This, along with the assurance that they aren't extremely broken/glitchy in some way.
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#4SweatySasquatchPosted 4/28/2013 2:09:45 PM
What's that Super Smash Mothers ?
#5I_Wanna_CookiePosted 4/28/2013 3:22:57 PM
SweatySasquatch posted...
What's that Super Smash Mothers ?

Sounds like a ball. A big crossover pregnant beat em up Smash game starring pregnant all stars.
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#6CaioNVPosted 4/28/2013 3:33:26 PM
Sony Santa Monica, if that was a serious question.
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