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User Info: sinncross

3 years ago#21
LightEcoSage posted...

It doesn't matter. As I said they are both main characters of their franchise. 2 Coles and Deslin would not look funny because they are all not the same people. Deslin isn't a 3rd Cole so it would be fine.

Being an Infamous fan I had no problem with 2 Coles since that actually made sense considering the game.

Thing is now , Suckerpunch have revealed what the true canon is for the series (where one did not quite exist since both hero and evil Cole were equally the real Cole) and that canon is hero Cole.

Now if we take into consideration that the gameinformer article pretty much makes it known that Deslin shares attacks with Cole, what you are arguing for is 3 similar (yes I know that they are ultimately different) characters being on the starting lineup. Deslin also appears to be more combat heavy like Evil Cole in PSBR which is exactly why I said not to get rid of E Cole but instead make him an unlockable.

He would still be in the game... (along with some other unlockable characters) but we would not have 3 'similar' characters when we should really be getting more varied IP's.
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