Why I don't think Evil Cole is a boring character.

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3 years ago#1
So there is more to Evil Cole than many may think. He's a really fun and dynamic character.

PHEW! That was a LONGGGG read :/. Don't worry. If you actually didn't read that, then I have a brief TLDR version below.


A lot of people call the top tiers just boring characters to play as. I mean, it's all really personal opinion. The only character I can understand being called boring is Kratos. Most people here have no idea how straight forward he actually is (compared to everyone else) in higher level play. You guys just see the FFA/2v2 randoms. Not saying there cant be good randoms, but you guys really have no idea until you play a REALLY good Kratos 1v1.

Oh, and when I say good, yes I mean doing whatever is the most effective thing to do in order to win. AKA "cheap tactics" I'm not trying to start a war over spamming and being cheap and whether it means you're actually good or not. I'm just telling you what I mean by it.

The thing with Kratos is, it's so easy for him to safely punish so many characters with his square moves, which can all lead into a AP burst and a level 2 HC. Even with his forward square, which isn't that good of a move for 1v1, but it can AP burst off a wallbounce. There is more to Kratos, and I'm not saying he's simple or whatever (to those Kratos mains). It just seems to me, in 1v1 vs competent players, he is just more straight forward than everyone else.

Now lets get to that Evil Cole

Evil Cole can seem like a pretty straight forward and boring character if you are going against players who aren't really that good. I say this because it will be easy to hit that brain dead, random Giga Punch, or setup the oil spike trap with ease. In high level play, you can't reply on doing that. People call him easy, and I guess he is easy among the average players. You gotta give good EC players credit though. It's not like you can pick up EC and expect to even come close to what long time EC mains can do.

The reason I love playing as EC is because he has TONS of options. I don't know how many options he has in comparison to the rest of the cast, but he is actually and extremely diverse character IMO. After I learned some more tech with him about the latest month I was playing as him, I almost find my self contemplating on what I should do in certain situations. Not in the way that I'd be taking a big risk; just that I know that all of my options would be effective in a different way, if that makes sense. He can just mix things up well.
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3 years ago#2
With is up grab for example, there are many things I can do with it that is effective and efficient.

-I could go tether,up O, double jump, tether, up O; Which is the highest amount of AP you can get out of EC's up grab without walls I believe.

-I could go tether, grenade, double jump, tether, square square to knock the him down, which I think is the highest amount of AP you can get off up grab while setting up the oil spike trap. You maybe could use up O first, but IIRC its much tighter timing to land the square square at the end.

Even if I don't have enough AP to catch em with the Giga Punch on a roll, then you can still catch him and AP burst him OR combo into the up throw off the giga punch to set him up in the spike trap AGAIN and by that time you're likely to have enough for a level 1.

Btw, in the oil spike trap, you drop the oil spike over the character when he's knocked down. If he rolls, then you catch him with a giga punch. If he just stands there without blocking, he gets caught by the oil. If he gets up blocking, then you can grab him and set him up again or other things. The timing for all of these options are really tight if your opponent is reacting accordingly, so you kind of have to predict what he'll do next. Well I do at least, thats why I often mess it up unless his wake up habits become predictable.

-I can go tether, grenade, tether, firebird strike to get him away from me if I need to recharge my giga punch.

-If there is a wall at the right distance, I can double wall bounce him with tether, down O, tether, down circle, and if I have enough for a super then I can combo into off the wall bounce. Its not exactly easy to do. I could do it semi consistently. Sometimes, I know it's a gamble to activate it after the wallbounce because of variations in height and distance. But there are times where it just looks right and I KNOW I will catch him. Before I stopped playing for a bit a couple weeks ago, I could feel myself getting much better at judging that.

-If I don't have enough AP to combo into a super after a double wallbounce, then I can catch him with a variety of attacks after a third tether to get an AP burst. I could even knock him down in the corner after a double wallbounce (if I dont want to take a chance with the level 1) so I could mix up things there, or if I get enough for a level two, it'll be inescapable.

Evil Cole's wallbounces aren't even impractical or anything. I mainly play on flat stages for 1v1s but you can do even more things on other stages. But anyway, there is a pretty wide range where it is possible to pull off wallbounces after a grab. If you are too far away from the wall to catch your opponent off the wallbounce, then you just quickly grind over there. Some times, if im at the furthest possible range, the tether will connect, but the down O wont hit fast enough, so I'll toss out a grenade because it comes out faster. And after that, I can catch him with another tether after a double/single jump and knock him down into the oil spike trap.

The attack I spam the most are his grenades. And I use them constantly whenever I'm at a safe distance. I just do it to add pressure and keep him on his toes. When I'm going against good players, they don't get hit by it much anyways. The second most spammy thing I do is use the firebird strike. I don't use it nearly as much as I throw out grenade but I definitely land raw firebirds much more than I do raw grenades.
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3 years ago#3
One thing I LOVE doing a lot is, in the midst of my 3000 grenades (which my opponent is watching out for but not really getting hit by) I'll use a firebird strike to just knock him back. It seems to catch them by surprise the first few times too.

Ever since I started doing that, a lot of the time I'd firebird someone into a grenade that landed behind him, so he'll bounce up and not fly all the way back. So I got really used to reacting to that and taking the opportunity to combo off the grenade with his tether and knock him down into a spike trap.

A big reason why a find him so fun is because of his freaking grind. Oh, and when I said I spam grenades, I just dont stand there on the ground and throw them out in a stationary position. I'll be dancing and jumping around on my grind with throwing them in multiple areas to trick up my opponents.

I never used this attack for a LONG time, and I don't know why, but his shoulder charge is an amazing anti air. It comes out fast from a grind, and if I bounce him off wall from it, I can combo into a tether to get the knock down.

Catching people in midair with a tether near a wall could allow you to AP burst off wallbounces and even combo into a level 1 or 2.

There are just SO many things you can do with ECole. He's an extremely dynamic character and has many options. There is way more stuff I could list, but as you can see, I'd be going on for a pretty freaking long time. People may say he's easy, but play against someone who isn't bad, and it'll force you to dig deeper into what he can really do. If you really think he's easy/boring, pick him up and try to see if you can even come close to matching certain Evil Coles that you called "cheap" and "bad" before. There is a ton to his character.
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3 years ago#4
Oops, also, you use down TRIANGLE for the wallbounces. Not down O
Ratchet and Clank movie.... YESSSS
3 years ago#5
pity post.
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3 years ago#6
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3 years ago#7
bwahaha I couldn't bring myself to read this garb, sorry Icy. EC is literally:

-Up Grab, tether, Up O, tether, Up O
-Spamming 'nades
-Wallbouncing, oil spike, and Giga Punch shenanigans
3 years ago#8
Keep using OP characters they are so fun
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3 years ago#9
Nice to hear about some EC variety, however most any of us ever see is the same things from him.
I do agree though, I have a friend who uses EC quite effectively and varies it up. However, in the end, if push comes to shove he still uses the giga punch shennanigins.
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3 years ago#10
Crabhammar posted...
bwahaha I couldn't bring myself to read this garb, sorry Icy. EC is literally:

-Up Grab, tether, Up O, tether, Up O
-Spamming 'nades
-Wallbouncing, oil spike, and Giga Punch shenanigans

I find EC much more varied than Good Cole, and I played them both for months.
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