If the all-stars were ponies, what would their cutie marks be?

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Also, the original beta 6 wield the Elements of Harmony.

Kratos - Omega
Element of Harmony: Magic

PaRappa - The frog on his beanie or a mic
Element of Harmony: Kindness

Fat Princess - A slice of cake
Element of Harmony: Laughter

Sweet Tooth - An ice cream cone
Element of Harmony: Generosity

Radec - The Helghan flag
Element of Harmony: Trust

Sly - Cooper Gang calling card
Element of Harmony: Loyalty

Nate - Coins or a ring

Good Cole - A blue lightning bolt

Evil Cole - A red lightning bolt

Ratchet - A wrench
Clank - A gear

Jak - The Seal of Mar

Heihachi - Mishima Zaibatsu logo?

Spike - A net

Sir Dan - Flag of Gallowmere on a shield

Sackboy - LBP tree

Toro - A star

Zeus - A yellow lightning bolt
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I'm handsome.
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Nobody knows what the hell any of this means.
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Is this a brony thing?
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this is already on the PS4 boards but, what the hell ^_^

My little Sony my little sony, aaaaaaa


I use to wonder what gaming could be (MY LITTLE SONY)

Until i got myself a Ps3!

Drake(climbing a mountain) "Big adventure!"

Parappa(on stage) "Tons of fun!"

(Sackboy creating worlds) Stephen Fry- "A beautiful heart"

Sweet Tooth(patting his truck) "Faithful and Strong"

Toro(with his friends) "Sharing kindness!"

It's an easy feat.

And blueray makes it all complete!


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I_Wanna_Cookie posted...

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Get out of my country.
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Little Sister would still be a blank flank.
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