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3 years ago#1
The Space Marine extraordinaire- Cortez!

Cortez- Timesplitters

Default- His default appearance- (
Alt 1- Time Assassin- (
Alt 2- Doctor Cortez- (
Alt 3- Henchman Cortez- (

Cortez is a ranged fighter, using a variety of guns, explosives, and improvised weapons to take down foes. Has a good variety of tools for crowd control and damage. Moves about the same speed as Radec, and is about average height, maybe a bit taller. Holds the most recent weapon he used, including simply holding nothing with base square. Starts with the AutoRifle.

Idle stance- Holds his weapon at a ready stance like he does in Future Perfect.

Idle animation- Has a different animation for most weapons, including cracking his knuckles, doing a test swing with the bat, looking through photos on his camera, etc. Most of the guns he will just rest on his shoulder.

Running animation- Runs like he does in Future Perfect.

Block animation- Blocks with whatever weapons he's using. Holds the bat up like he's blocking with a sword, does a basic unarmed block with the grenades, mine, brick, camera, and fists.

Dodge animation- Does the dodge roll A.I. can do in Future Perfect.

Jump animation- Jumps similarly to Emmet.

Crouch animation- Does a simply crouch.


Neutral- Fists- Two hits- Cortez punches twice. Only flinches enemies, but is quick. Short ranged. Air version works pretty much the same but the second hit knocks enemies back a bit. Basically works like Radec's.

Side- Baseball Bat- 1 hit- Cortez brandishes a baseball bat, then does a home run swing that sends enemies flying. Can be charged to do more damage and increase the momentum of hit enemies. Essentially works like the Fish item minus the super armor and has a longer recovery time.

Down- Digital Camera- 1 hit- Cortez pulls out a digital camera and takes a picture with the flash on, making a small flash of light in a short range in front of him that startles enemies and butt drops them. Has a slight recovery, cannot be used to hit confirm into level 1. If it hits enemies in the air it simply makes them lose their balance and plummet to the ground. (also makes a comment if the flash hits saying things like 'Looking good')

Up- Brick- Projectile- Cortez tosses a brick upwards at an angle that arcs an falls until it hits the ground. If it hits an enemy it causes hard knockdown or causes them to plummet to the ground. Acts somewhat like Sir Dan's Up Circle in how it moves, comes out a bit faster. Can be charged to make it go faster.


Neutral- Sci-Fi Handgun x2/Plasma AutoRifle- Projectile, 6 hits, 1 hit for slide.- Cortez fires off six shots from two pistols or the AutoRifle (is random for first use, but swaps between the two for each use. Have the same traits), each flinching enemies with a rate of fire where all six shots will have been fired at around the time all three shots from Nathan Drake's triangle will have come out. Has around the same AP gain. While firing you can press right or left to move forwards or backwards. Moving back Cortez leaps backwards firing off the rest of his shots, then lands in a roll and stands up. Forwards he slides forwards firing off the rest of his shots. If he hits an enemy with the slide it pops them up. If you move while shooting the shots will no longer flinch and gain less AP. Air version he fires downwards at an angle. Comes out quick. (had the dual weapon thing because I wanted to have the AutoRifle AND the pistols in some way but had other moveset ideas.)
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GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#2
Side- Mag-Charger- Projectile, Stun- Cortez pulls out the Mag-Charger and fires it, letting out an electric magnetic pulse (bullet sized) that goes a long range. Stuns enemies for a second or two with electricity. Has a decent sized start up. Has a random chance of being the Crossbow, has the exact same traits.

Down- Minigun- Flurry of Projectiles- Cortez pulls out the Minigun and revs it up then begins firing a stream of bullets at a medium distance, holding enemies in the gun fire (While slowly lifting them up a bit). When released or the time has run out for the gunfire, it will knock enemies away.. Can aim up and down while firing. Has a bit of a start up, as well as a bit of a recovery time.. Has the random chance of using the Ghost Gun instead. Has exactly the same traits.

Up- Flare Gun- Projectile, Explosive- Cortez fires the Flare gun upwards at an angle, and arcs lightly. Explodes after reaching it's maximum height or if the flare hits an enemy. Sends enemies flying.


Neutral- Flamethrower- Flurry of hits- Cortez pulls out a flamethrower and sprays flames in front of him at a short distance for a short amount of time. Comes out quick and isn't a very strong attack. Works a bit like Radec's down circle, however comes out quicker, and lasts a shorter amount of time. Good as an interrupt attack.

Side- Plasma Grenade- Grenade, Sticky- Cortez tosses out a plasma grenade which sticks to whatever it hits including enemies. Good for mind games. Explosion knocks enemies back. Has a small explosion radius. There can only be one grenade out at a time, whether stuck to a player, wall, or floor. Must wait for it to explode before you can toss another.

Down- Remote Mine- Mine, Detonated- Cortez sets down a remote mine at his feet. Can then press down circle again to detonate it and knock enemies back. Air version he tosses it down to the ground below him. If it hits an enemy on the way down it explodes instantly.

Up- Time Disruptor Grenade- Grenade, Slow Down- Cortez tosses out a Time Disruptor Grenade upwards at an angle at a short distance. It explodes at it's max distance in a blue-ish shock wave. If this hits opponents they're slowed down similar to if they're hit by a freeze missile for a short time. Good for anti-air and punishing certain attacks. Has a decent sized start up.


Side- Cortez picks the enemy up with his Temporal Uplink telekinesis function, then launches them forwards.

Down- Cortez is about to grab the enemy, then a Cortez from the future appears through a portal and grabs them. Cortez kicks them in the crotch before jumping into a portal that appears behind him, then the future Cortez will then slam the enemy to the ground with a punch. The player then controls the future Cortez. Happens pretty quickly, but cannot be interrupted by non-supers until the first Cortez jumps in the portal (as the second hit knocks out AP)

Up- Cortez sticks a timed mine to an opponent, then turns around and sticks his fingers in his ears before it goes off and sends them upwards.


Level 1- Injector- Cortez pulls out the Injector and fires it a shot/medium distance. If this hits an enemy then starts to panic, then suddenly explodes killing any enemies within it's range. Has a bit of a start up. Acts almost like a ranged version of Kat's.

Level 2- Monkey Gun- Cortez pulls out the Monkey Gun and loses his Square and Circle moves. Can press any button to do a variation of his triangle moves that fire bananas that instantly kill opponents. His triangle attacks gain a bit more range.
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GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#3
Level 3- Risking a Paradox- A time portal opens and another Cortez hops out. The two Cortez's high five then hold up their guns. In super, the other Cortez fights alongside you with Cortez's full arsenal of attacks. Both Cortez's attacks kill. When the super ends the Future Cortez hops back through a time portal.

Level 3 theme-


Time to Split!- Cortez pumps his fist and yells "It's time to split!

Nothing to Crow about- Cortez rests his gun on his shoulder and says "You're nothing to Crow about. Heh."

Running Out of Time- Cortez reloads his gun and says "You're running out of time."


Time Traveler- Cortez leaps through a time portal onto the battlefield, then raises his gun.

Space Marine- Cortez falls from the top of the screen, landing hardly on the ground before getting up and drawing one of his pistols.

Where or When- Cortez reloads his plasma rifle, and scans the area before saying aloud "Where... or when am I?"

Space Man!- Cortez steps up with one of his companions from Future Perfect next to him (is random who it is each game) which says a unique line for each character (Harry Tipper saying "Space Man!" for example.)


Time Crystal- Cortez holds up a time crystal and has a boastful grin on his face.

Oh yeah!- Cortez raises up his weapon and then pumped his fist saying "Oh yeah!!"

Back to the Future- Cortez leaps through a time portal.

Fist Bump to the Future- Future Cortez comes out of a portal and gives Cortez a fist bump

Outro losses-

A Timesplitter is standing over Cortez while he's on the ground and is holding the time crystal.

Cortez is on his knees holding his crotch.

Cortez yells at the sky.

Future Cortez is standing over an unconscious Cortez and face palming.

Victory Themes-

Victory Theme 1- (0:00 to 0:10 or so)
Victory Theme 2- (0:00 to 0:10)

Kill quotes-

"That one was for you baby."
"You got dental?"
"You're history!"

Killed quotes-

(Anya) "That's shocking! Sorry."

Got an Item quotes-

"I don't think much of this weapon."
"Anya, you see this?"
"I've read about these before."

Arcade Intro-

*Shows Cortez walking down a hall with his Uplink raised.*
"Anya, any leads on Crow?"
"None yet... Actually wait a minute."
"What is it?"
*Shows Cortez walking through a different set of halls*
"Records show of some kind of gathering during the years of two thousand and twelve, and two thousand and thirteen..... Supposedly a being of great power brought warriors together from all over time and space."
"So you think that "being" is Crow?"
*Shows him step into a large room*
"It's worth a shot. Ready to jump Cortez?"
"I'm ready! It's time to split!"
*Anya sighs and it shows him leaping into a time portal.*
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GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#4

Rivaled with Link-

*Cortez is wandering through Polygon Man's realm*
"Anya, I've made it into this gathering. You should have seen some of the people I've fought. This place is crazy."
"I'll take your word for it Cortez. Any sign of Crow?"
"None at all so far... Hold up a sec, I think I found someone."
*Cortez walks up to Link who's putting away a stone*
"Nice uh... stone ya got there. Name's Cortez."
*Holds out a hand which Link shakes while smiling."
"Well, nice to meet someone friendly for a change. Hey you haven't seen any crazy creatures around here have you? Or an old guy, wears a lab coat. Named Crow?"
*Link shakes his head and Cortez sighs*
"Figures. Not much for talking huh?"
*Polygon Man suddenly rises up and yells one of his opening quotes and a group of crystalline All Stars appears as he raises up to slam down on them.*
"Oh shi-!"
*Link quickly grabs Cortez, then pulls out the Ocarina of Time and plays the Song of Time, teleporting them back to the past.*
*Cortez pats himself to make sure he's alive then sighs with relief then looks at the Ocarina of Time while Link sighs with relief as well.*
"You can time travel with that thing? Cool. Mind if I see it?"
*Link gets a protective look and puts it away.*
*Cortez thinks a moment.*
"Wait a minute... You don't talk... You can time travel..."
*Suddenly has a realization.*
"Nice disguise, but I KNOW you're a Timesplitter!"
*Points a pistol at Link.*
"Almost fooled me. Hand over the time crystal you have there, and we can both walk away from this."
*Link makes a few motions trying to tell him it's a misunderstanding, then sighs and pulls out his sword and shield and they both take fighting poses.*

Arcade Outro-

*Shows Cortez sitting at a table talking to Anya via the Uplink*
"There wasn't a single sign of Crow in that place Anya. Have you found anything else yet?"
"None yet, I'll let you know when I do. How's it going with that new friend of yours?"
*Shows Cortez walking through Hyrule Castle*
"Not sure yet. These people seem to know a good amount about time travel though, maybe they can help us out."
"Let me know if you find something."
*Cortez is shown in the courtyard*
"Got it."
*Screams are suddenly heard and it changes to a view of a massive fire ball sailing over the courtyard.*
"What the!?"
*Shows Cortez now on top of a wall looking at a massive army lead by Ganondorf and Aku*
"Heh, and I was worrying I wouldn't get to try this thing out."
*Raises his AutoRifle and becomes wreathed in AP*

Minion- Harry Tipper
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#5
FINALLY finished this after procrastinating it for so long. I'm rather happy with how it turned out, though I kinda rushed the arcade outro.

And now since I finally finished Cortez I'm going to be doing Korra from Legend of Korra and Nightwing to get some fresh ideas before doing more edits.

Good to be back :D
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#6
Never played Timesplitters so I can't judge, but here's a pity post

Btw did you ever decide if you were going to give Nightwing his staff stance-change or keep it solely escrima sticks
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3 years ago#7
Timesplitters is too raw.
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3 years ago#8
G-Scythe posted...
Never played Timesplitters so I can't judge, but here's a pity post

Btw did you ever decide if you were going to give Nightwing his staff stance-change or keep it solely escrima sticks

He's gonna have both. Going to mainly draw from Arkham and Injustice for his moveset so it feels fitting.
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#9
I_Wanna_Cookie posted...
Timesplitters is too raw.

"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21
3 years ago#10
Dsurions_Wrath posted...
I_Wanna_Cookie posted...
Timesplitters is too raw.


Slang for excellent.
I'm handsome.
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