Well **** this ****ing game

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3 years ago#21
sorry for my actions earlier guys.
I was so mad because I took sackboy into practice mode. I remembered when he was god tier then I just broke down and cried....

I miss the days. We may never go back
CRAZY TROLL ON THE LOOSE http://i.imgur.com/b6v5eYF.jpg if you see him add him to your block list and REPORT HIM
3 years ago#22
Please KYS
I'm handsome.
3 years ago#23
You are an unimaginative troll. You are not even worth my usual troll-teasing time. Goodbye.
They see me Kahn'in'! They Hatin'!
3 years ago#24
Goodbye, Dont come back
3 years ago#25
AmyUnleashed posted...
Goodbye, Dont come back

:D xD
I love when people form and/or based their opinions off vague memory...
3 years ago#26
I say what amy and killdozer said.
3 years ago#27
judgementaeon posted...
I say what amy and killdozer said.

And I say what Judge said.
"Outside, things were bad. But inside - inside me - something was...beginning."
-Cole Macgrath

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