Y/N: A stance-based Cole could've worked.

#1ButKevinBaconPosted 6/23/2013 4:52:53 PM
Here's how I would've done it.

Level 1 would be a weaker version of Ionic Freeze/Drain. Less range, active hitframes, you can't force "detonate" Ionic Drain anymore, etc.

Level 2 would be a karmic decision. You either choose destroy the Ray Sphere, causing an explosion that kills people within a radius in front of Cole (and keeps/turns Cole good), or use it, which also kills people within a radius centered around Cole (and keeps/turns Cole evil).

Having two radically different Level 3s seems OPs, so I'd make Good Cole's level 3 just him being supercharged and square functions like Beast Cole's, triangle is Ionic Storm, and circle is a smaller Ionic Vortex. Maybe have it end the super idk.

Kinetic Pulse can stay as Good Cole's side grab, and Bio-Leech should be Evil Cole's down grab.
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Yeah it could but at this point I don't care anymore....that being said if there ever is a sequel this better not happen again
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