how many characters would YOU want in a real playstation all stars game?

#1zombiabsolPosted 6/30/2013 8:06:32 AM
it doesnt have to be realistic, just what you would want personally'

first party and third party characters cast:

41-60 (alot is nice i guess)

First party only cast:


not enough real all stars in this game and people like raiden dont deserve to be reps. (no problem with raiden though)
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#2Sth432Posted 6/30/2013 8:32:29 AM
41-60 characters would be great.
#3ButKevinBaconPosted 6/30/2013 8:38:15 AM
150 and more to see
#4Nightstryk3r619Posted 6/30/2013 9:18:05 AM
45+ Although the old saying does go quality over quantity. I'd rather have a roster of 30 unique characters than 60 that are essentially palette swaps.
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#5DavidgraymanPosted 6/30/2013 11:00:19 AM
35 in total
You don't want TOO many characters in a fighting game but I think 35 is large enough number to rep alot of characters and please everyone.
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#6ZavalsBizPosted 6/30/2013 11:05:28 AM
I had a hard time figurin' out what your topic. Anyways people will always want more characters in a game but I satisfied with 35-45.
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#7antking61Posted 6/30/2013 11:07:51 AM
30-40 sounds good to me as long as I get my Japanese fix.
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#8taoxadasaPosted 6/30/2013 11:08:33 AM
Robbit (Jumping Flash!) for Playstation All-Stars!