never played smash bro. evo stream

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Smash > All Stars.

By a huge landslide.

Look I dont want to sound like I am being different, but I sometimes play Brawl at my friends house and for me personally,

PSBR >>> Brawl.

I find PSBR to be infinitely more fun to play.

I have to agree. Smash to me is boring as hell. I watch tournaments to try to give it a chance and I just can't stand it.

yes I've played it.
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Competitive Smash isn't fun because no items
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Selite posted...
Smash isn't fun to watch, especially tournament play.

Fun to play though.

Paysasber ftw
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Shrek Super Slam > PSASBR
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I enjoy PSASBR more
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BkzIzu posted...
Competitive Smash isn't fun because no items

no items in competitive PASBR either.

also Smash(or rather Melee) also has an edge over this game due to not having a character banned(Kat) or a specific combo banned(Raiden's ^ Tri to Lv. 1 kill) in competitive play as well.
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Online matches PSASBR>>>>>Brawl and the music doesn't sound like some giddy Christmas music.
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ButKevinBacon posted...
Shrek Super Slam > PSASBR

Dude WHAT! I Just looked that game up and it looks sick. Reminds me of Powerstone! XD
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