Anyone feel depressed after playing this game?

#21ZavalsBizPosted 8/13/2013 10:38:23 PM
DreoreSilere posted...
Hm, I should stop playing if it makes me depressed all the time, but it's probably the only good game I have right now.

And my PSN comment is just a general comment. I feel like I don't live up to most people's expectations, that's why.

Ya jus' need to find a way to take the competition outta the game. Try FFA with friends it kinda helps.

Shucks fella, it kinda seems like your jus' depressed in general. I didn't live up to my parent expectations but I don't let it bring me down. Stay strong, fella.
"Come back two hours earlier."
#22spartan69x2Posted 8/14/2013 1:09:38 AM
Take 2 months off thats what i did played today and it felt great also use a mic and trash talk to other people with mics its an enjoyabe experience untill yu fight the tryhards who quit if they are getting their asses handed to them
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