Do you guys think Kat is too broken to he effectively nerfed?

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Stanger5150 posted...
Just wondering. She's so broken, she's the only character is see that gets banned from tournaments. There's only so much a patch can do. Sly can be fixed with a patch, as can Raiden, but I'm not so sure about Kat.

She just seems so haphazardly designed, and I really don't get what they were thinking. I used to think they made DLC characters OP on purpose to boost sales until I started playing as Zeus and Emmett, who aren't even A tier characters (or B tier IMO), so that can't be the problem.

My biggest fear, when it comes to ranked matches in this game, is that a few characters that can actually win against high level Kat players are going to get big nerfs (as they should), but Kat will remain virtually untouched because she may be too broken to fix. Then Kat will have even more of an unfair advantage over the entire roster because the gap between high tier and Kat tier will be even wider.

I've seen great Sly, Raiden, and Kratos players beat high level Kats (I haven't, but I've come close once), but honestly I have never seen any others do it. I saw an amazing Parappa almost pull it off once, but that damn gravity pull!

She better get some huge ass nerfs...last patch she didn't even get touched.
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ZavalsBiz posted...
Yeah, that b**** is too broken to be balanced in any way. Removin' her debris confirms would sorta balance her but she will still too powerful for some characters. The amount of things SSM will have to do to fix her is tremendous.

Pretty much. She is the example of a "perfect" character. She needs massive reworking. Especially on her down circle's range.
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Kat doesnt need nerfs.

Everyone else just needs massive buffs to get to her level.

When everyone is OP. Games fun.
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She is a godlike 1 v 1 character. But in 2 v 2 she is no better than the other top tiers. She is even worse in FFA. And there is no 1 v 1 matchmaking so why should they even nerf her that much?
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DireProphecy posted...
She is a godlike 1 v 1 character. But in 2 v 2 she is no better than the other top tiers. She is even worse in FFA. And there is no 1 v 1 matchmaking so why should they even nerf her that much?

Top level Kats are insane in every mode.
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Remove the gravity pull attack.
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Add in cooldown to remove some of her combos.
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Stanger5150 posted...
ZavalsBiz posted...
What's the name of this Kat?

I don't even remember man... all I saw was a black belt. Everything else was a blur mixed with high pitched, nerve-grating screams.

Im going to be that creepy guy and admit i like the way kat's screams sound.
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Don't try to 1v1 her in 2v2. Use teamwork with your partner (you should be doing this in every 2 v 2 anyways) and you will see she is not as strong as you thought. Her level 1 can only be confirmed on one person, so if she manages to confirm her level 1 and use it, without being interrupted by your partner, then you can afterwards punish her with your own super. And there is nothing overpowered about her level 2 or 3.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe she could use a few nerfs, but anyone thinking she should be "nerfed to the ground" is being ridiculous. She is an OP 1v1 character, but not as good in 2 v 2, due to her reliance on rushdown and completing combos.
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