Wishlist for changes to be made with the upcoming final balance patch

#1Exo_IcarusPosted 10/2/2013 3:51:36 PM
Plz share legitimate not-stupid buffs/nerfs you are hoping for on characters for the next and last patch that's going to release in the near-future.

First some nerfs for those who need them the most:


-Decrease the size of the hitbox on down-circle
-Air down-triangle has a flatten effect on foes rather than a bounce effect
-Increased start-up and cool-down time on neutral square combo
-Increased start-up time on neutral triangle


-Increased cool-down on all grounded square attacks when blocked or dodged
-Much greater cool-down time after using air up-square
-Decreased homing angle of ground forward-square


-Down-throw leaves the foe flattened rather than causing them to bounce
-Either decrease number of active frames on neutral-circle counter or give it a blow-away effect rather than a crumble effect
-Recovery time for forward-circle is the same when blocked in the air as it is on the ground


-Neutral-square cannot loop into itself
-Down-circle mine has increased start-up time and gives AP to foes if they destroy it with an attack


-Ground forward-triangle is more punishable when blocked
-Air forward-triangle AP gain reduced from 30 to 20
-Fewer invincibility frames during up-triangle

Cole/Evil Cole

-Level 1 can only hit foes when they're on the ground
-Level 1 more easily interrupted when hit


-Foes caught in Level 3 are able to move around much faster while in bubble form

Now for some buffs


-Down-square grenades have a larger hitbox and knockback similar to grenades from down-triangle
-Down-circle can be aimed upwards or downwards and reversed
-Forward-triangle can be aimed slightly upwards or downwards
-The 2 hits of ground forward-square are now separated with an extra input. The second hit is not performed if square isn't pressed again


-Air down-triangle has slight homing function (similar to Kratos forward-square)
-Increased number of active frames on neutral-triangle counter
-Forward-circle rocket has a blow-away effect when landed
-Level 1 fireworks explosion lingers slightly longer, and now kills if foes are shot by Kai directly when they're caught between her and the fireworks containers (fireworks don't explode if this happens)
-Level 2 cannon can now be detonated to kill nearby foes at any time by pressing circle during (Level 2 ends instantly if this is done)

Sweet Tooth

-Level 2 missile knocks away nearby foes when launched. Missile also travels faster, can be redirected sharper, and has a larger hitbox when it detonates

Sir Daniel

-Level 1 can now be aimed directly in front of him (the bolt has considerably shorter range when aimed in this way)
-Less cool-down when neutral-square combo is blocked
-Dan doesn't stumble and drop his guard when the neutral-circle shield gets broken
-Dan now has super armor when charging with forward-triangle while his shield is out
-Up-circle has decreased start-up time, travels slightly faster, and gives 30 AP when landed instead of 20
-Increased hitbox size on air down-triangle

That's all I really know of due to my lack of knowledge on most other characters so if there's more (and I'm very sure there is) then please share.

And please don't start bashing me for my nerf ideas as they are purely based on my own biased opinion, if you disagree either be pleasant about it or don't say anything at all.
#2DireProphecyPosted 10/2/2013 8:02:23 PM
These are the changes I would make to the nerfs:

Kratos' forward square isn't even that good; it is highly punishable on miss or block, and it already had its tracking nerfed along time ago, along with the removal of the super armor it used to have.

Raiden's down throw doesn't need to be nerfed to the point where he has no combo throws - instead you could make his up triangle knock opponents higher in the air. This would remove his grab to level 1 confirm.

Sly's level 3 needs to be made to cost 750 like all the other non-cinematic level 3s, especially considering it is a top level 3 which is easy to use and guarantees 2 kills per person.

And this "-Level 1 can only hit foes when they're on the ground " is way too hard of a nerf. Jumping would destroy Evil Cole. If you wanted to nerf Good Cole's loop into level 1, then just make his down circle give the opponents a faster recovery time.
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#3Stanger5150Posted 10/2/2013 9:37:33 PM
Kat- f*** where do I start?!
Sly- remove barrel stall or reduce it to two hops per jump. Fix Murray's trip hazards. Electric roll punishable on block. Reduce duration of counter stun (not needed, but it won't break him)
Kratos- increased startup on all square attacks

Raiden- increase startup on various moves to remove some of his confirms

Sackboy- decrease lvl 3 duration to remove the possibility of clearing an entire stock

Isaac- remove the loop

Dante- remove loop

Jak- increase distance of all ranged weapons, increase level 1 ground radius, remove most recent nerfs

Ratchet- remove the ability to move while opponent is trapped in the vacuum... decrease lvl 1 hitbox (only the bullets count)

Cole- decrease tornado speed, nerf level 2's hitbox to function more like Dante's

Dan- decreased startup on square attacks. Flame causes flatten status, triple lvl 2's homing speed

Parappa- reduce amount of AP dropped by the boom box

Radec- sniper fires faster

That's all I can think of right now
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#4TerraponPosted 10/2/2013 11:49:07 PM
Make G. Cole ice jump less spammable,
Raise Level AP requirement. Having a godly level 3 and a godly level 1 that's AP cheap isn't quite fair with the rest of the cast. I mean most of the characters don't have an good level 1 and 3.

Only thing to ADD onto your post.
#5EternuxPosted 10/3/2013 12:05:24 AM
Its a good thing SSM doesnt read GFaqs stuff or this game would break.
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#6christiankid7Posted 10/3/2013 12:53:38 AM
Big Daddy
-Little Sister Gather: Scream has a stun effect, not a knockback effect.
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#7Stanger5150Posted 10/3/2013 1:32:49 AM
christiankid7 posted...
Big Daddy
-Little Sister Gather: Scream has a stun effect, not a knockback effect.

I definitely agree with this. Also, Raiden's lvl 2 should not last beyond the initial stun. It's basically like Dante's lvl 3, and that's bull****.
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#8TheJButtonPosted 10/3/2013 2:22:51 AM
Eternux posted...
It's a good thing SSM doesn't read GFaqs or this game would break.

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