Epic Rap Battles of PSAS!!!!

#11MeduskiPosted 10/24/2013 6:13:41 AM
DarkECOJak posted...
It's always so embarrassing to see people try to write raps.

So true... This stuff is making me cringe. :/
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OP doesn't make sense. Sackboy is CP'd by Kratos
#13ss4parrothairPosted 10/24/2013 3:08:13 PM
My name is Drake
I am gonna bake
I'm gonna bake that cake
It won't be fake
I hope Fat Princess doesn't take

She is so out of shape
I want to wear a cape
Like Professor Snape
I'll sock Fatty P in her Grapes
And her lifeless body I will rape
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My Boy Spike

B**** I'm Spike from Ape Escape
Let me elucidate
your fate
I'm gonna grab you in my net
Shove my banana in yo face
What you doin out
Doggy get back in yo cage

See I got trained monkeys
What are you?
Just a mutt
better get back in yo kennel son
And suck my monkey nuts
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Good topic