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3 years ago#1
neutral circle Neutralisation hold circle to switch between the m9 tranquilizer gun & the socom & tap circle to fire.
side circle tossed grenade hold circle to switch between regular grenades & stun grenades tap circle to throw either grenade.
up circle saving ladder recovery move
down circle BDU uniform changes his moves.
Neutral circle while in uniform AK 47.
Side circle over there? Raiden's eyes light up - as the enemy soldiers do in MGS2 when you are spotted, as he 'scans' the area immediately in front of him for spies. If an enemy is caught in this sight [captioned as '1' below], a large, bright-red excalamation mark appears over Raiden's head, along with the soundbite from Metal Gear Solid* and the opponent is momentarily stunned, letting our their own unique surprised squeal.

This enables Jack to then follow with the AK, or simply gives him leeway to do whatever he fancies. However, to enable the stun and succeed with the move, the enemy has to be in front of Raiden and on the ground - keeping in mind the requirements of staying in the BDU, this move is quite risky. It also extends only to the end of Final Destination, so a very far away enemy may not be affected.

As with all moves within the BDU uniform, "Over There?" is considered lethal. This is because of the role Raiden is playing as the Russian soldier, which was factored into the simulation.
Switches to Lethal

up circle I Got 'Em! - This move is unorthodox, but so is the entire BDU special move. Essentially, this is not your ordinary recovery, or a recovery at all as being knocked enough will send Raiden back into his normal form anyway. Rather, this move incorporates two others of the mercenaries gang to aid BDU Raiden.

By the press of (B), a ladder will lower in the background directly behind Raiden. Two seconds later, another BDU-uniformed operative climbs down the ladder to its lowest steps, then looks onto the battlefield using his trusty pair of binoculars he keeps hung around his neck. Anyone in this vertical spectrum - within one stage builder block - for the next five seconds is then 'spotted' by the person in the background, with the usual red exclamation mark above both Raiden and the scout, as well as the 'surprise' sound effect from Metal Gear Solid.* After five seconds or the enemy being spotted, the ladder ascends along with the mercenary.

Suddenly, cypher! Yes, as a result of being 'spotted,' a gun-holstering cypher appears from the opposite side of the screen. This machine is destructable - it will blow up after sustaining fifty-percent damage. It will also leave the battlefield after ten seconds. While on-screen, it will first of all move into a position ninety-degrees from the enemy, at which point it will move its gun appendage up and down until it is aimed any opponent. (These two processes do not count towards the ten second time limit that the cypher endures.) It then fires one round,* reloads for one second and repeats this pattern. The round can hit only once, but this is true for several frames, so dodging on-foot or midair isn't possible. To evade this, its target must get behind the cypher [it can only move its appendage from straight-forward to downward]; they could climb on top of the cypher as well, perhaps forcing Raiden to shoot it himself! This all

This move can only be used again after fifteen seconds have elapsed. Due to the nature of the BDU uniform, it is likely Raiden will only be able to use this move once per stock, but it does make up for that weakness of BDU Raiden's neutral special when a foe is in the air compared to on the ground.
*[15%] Switches to Lethal
To be continued
3 years ago#2
About neutral circle Raiden brings his gun's reticule to his eye line and fires at a simple press of (B), as he will if performed whilst running or in the air. This motion is practically instant, but has major setbacks because Raiden only shoots directly forward (shorter opponents won't be hit) and there is some minor ending lag.

At the end of the move, Raiden pulls the slider back on the M9 then reloads, or, if equipped with the SOCOM, simply reloads a cartridge; the SOCOM is slightly faster here. The gun is already within Raiden's eye line when running or walking, so the small amount of lag taken to lift is gone, at the cost of accuracy [the gun bobs up and down, especially when running]. Holding (B) will prompt Raiden to stop and shoot in place, or continually shoot if running or in the air, until hitting solid ground. The non-lethal weapon used here is the M9, the lethal weapon is the SOCOM.


When the M9 is used, darts are fired from the gun singularly as described above. As with other non-lethal weapons, this move has a purpose beyond causing damage - as well as leaving a large needle wherever it hits on the opponent's body, the darts release a chemical into the opponent's body that will eventually cause them to 'fall asleep', which translates in Smash to the victim dazing off. If in the air when the chemical is activated, they will free fall. Shooting an opponent once has no effect, but shooting them after that will activate the drug thirty seconds from that point, with each successive dart after that bringing the time down by one second. Like with the SOCOM, headshots are encouraged - a head shot after the initial dart will reduce time until activation by two seconds, rather than one. Some characters like Kirby and Meta Knight share the misfortune of having any shot regarded as a headshot, this is in counteraction to them being too low to hit when on-foot. Because of the reloading mechanism, it is nigh impossible to score multiple shots in a short time, so Raiden has to rely upon tactics. The amount of time spent dazed is always two second in the air [free falling] and four seconds on the ground. Calculating when the reactants will hit the opponent is extremely important here, as after that, the process begins all over again. Likewise, the opponent must be wary of the mighty M9 tranquilizer - that's enough time to use a falcon punch!

After falling asleep or being killed, the 'needle counter' - the amount of darts that have connected with the victim - resets and shots connected when the opponent is 'asleep' do not count. This goes for all moves regarding the needle count.


The SOCOM's best use is in hitting the opponent head, as it this deals high damage* and a half-second worth of stun. Obviously, hitting the opponent in that region will have a varying degree of difficulty, but otherwise the damage is quite minimal* and there is no stun. This weapon is therefore best used in unison with other attacks to surprise the enemy, or at opportune moments when the enemy is below Raiden or in a good position for a headshot; some characters like Kirby and Meta Knight share the misfortune of having any shot regarded as a headshot, this is in counteraction to them being too low to hit when on-foot. An advantage of the SOCOM over the M9 is its standardised reloading, meaning it has a slightly faster rate of fire.
3 years ago#3
Side Special: Tossed Grenade - Jack tosses a grenade from his waist, which ricochets off the ground and sides of the stage until exploding two seconds later. The nature of the grenade is that it is extremely 'bouncy’, reacting accordingly to any crack or bump in the floor or walls of the arena. Raiden is forced into a throwing animation upon pressing (B) and will not throw the grenade if interrupted, but if (B) is held, he can carry the grenade for as long as the player wishes, whereby the same rules as written above apply when the projectile is thrown (i.e. this is like Link’s bombs, not Snake's grenades); press (B) again to throw the grenade. The player cannot use other special moves if a grenade is being held.

Dependant on the type of grenade, it will either release phosphorous, igniting momentarily and burning the surrounding area or release a type of gas that will cause the recipient to fall dazed in a similar time span.


The non-lethal version of this move, the stun grenade, releases a blinding light when it explodes. This light is powerful enough to bring any foe to a daze similar to if their shield was broken, only for one second – the catch is that the opponent has to be stood nearly on the exact point of impact for the grenade to have this desired effect, so even a simple jump could render this move entirely useless! Fear not, though, Raiden mains, as being within an entire two stage builder’s block of the flash adds one to the foe’s needle count or begins one. [Personally, death by snoo snoo is my preferred method of exhaustion.]


to be continued
3 years ago#4
The incendiary grenade is far more straight-forward than its non-lethal counterpart – phosphorous is released when the item ‘explodes,’ which is then ignited, in fire, by fuels in the grenade. This spreads over a large area [two stage builder blocks from the centre of the grenade outward] for three frames of near-instantaneous damage,* which lack in punch but do stun the opponent, negating any action they were performing. The last frame of damage has minor knockback, meagre enough that it only knocks out an enemy over two-hundred-percent damaged. Raiden is unaffected by the flames.
*[3%, 4%, 5%] Lethal


Up Special: Saving Ladder - This is Raiden's primary recovery. As soon as the (B) button is pressed, a ladder appears on Raiden's location and he automatically grabs it, with propeller noises now evidencing a helicopter out-of-frame. As it is a rope ladder, you can control its sway; use the left control stick's x-axis. You can also make Raiden climb the ladder higher or lower using the y-axis of the control stick - change which way he is facing on the ladder by pressing (L) or (R) [it comes in from a side-view]. No matter where Raiden is, the ladder will only be available for four seconds before it ascends beyond view, whereas Jack will fall off the ladder with any carried momentum from swaying on the ladder. The further down the ladder you are, the more sway you have, but the less controlled it is - you could potentially sway too much and be thrown off, so be careful! Sway can potentially force the ladder back or forward by two stage builder blocks with continued pushes back and forth.

Note that while the helicopter's aim is to get to the centre of the stage, its speed will not change depending on distance, so it will not always take you there. However, it will always ascend beyond the stage's ceiling in four seconds, so speed going upwards varies widely depending on how high or low you are when you summon the helicopter.

If the ladder is caught underneath a stage or hard platform, the same will happen and Raiden can be attacked during the move, making it a precocious ascent. When no buttons are pressed, the helicopter will carry the ladder in a monotonous ninety-degree angle toward the top-centre of the stage, which is obviously not always the best approach from below the stage or with different types of enemy in the air.

By pressing (A) at any time, Raiden can freely jump off the ladder with an extra kick of momentum compared to if he just waited to hit the ceiling. Raiden can also throw a grenade if he is holding one, or fire his gun, or even don his BDU uniform disguise whilst on the ladder, possibly surprising the opponent. The same rules apply on the ladder as they would on the ground with all of these weapons, except that they exhert some sway on the ladder depending on their different recoils. For example, the high recoil of the AK47 will send it flailing in the opposite direction, not preferrable for a sidewards recovery. Also remember that, as the move switches Jack to non-lethal you can only use such moves whilst on the ladder, due to (L) and (R) being dedicated to changing sides of the ladder.

As well, a Raiden main must remember that enemies can use the ladder as well by pressing up on the control stick whilst in front of it. Jack will always spawn at the bottom of the ladder and swaying it too severely to the left or right will send people hanging at the bottom off of it, perhaps to their dooms; initiating this move close to the stage is therefore unrecommendable. If no enemy attempted to attack Raiden, he could get back to the stage from any distance using this move, but its shortcomings force the user to make a stealthy approach. [Stealth in Metal Gear? Why, I never.]
Switches to Non-Lethal
I didn't mean to say to press b
3 years ago#5
Switches to Non-Lethal


Down Special: BDU Uniform - This move differs from some of Raiden's other specials in having only one method. This is a slight advantage if the opponent thinks that, "Raiden used his tranquilizer - now he can't use his BDU uniform", only to be shot ad nauseum with the AK47.


Raiden's BDU uniform serves as his down special's non-lethal version in this moveset, but was used in Metal Gear Solid 2 to infiltrate an enemy base infested with BDU-wearing soldiers. The outfit allowed Jack to fit in with the mercenaries present on the ship, although only when holding an AK47 and it was tight-fitting, meaning that even the slightest nudge by the enemy would force Raiden out of the uniform. These elements all play a role in the BDU. This is a sort of role-playing game.

Firstly, as soon as the (B) button is pressed, the "changing sound" is heard and Raiden is wearing the uniform.* There is no way to stop this transformation and for the first three seconds of it, Raiden is invincible. However, keeping in with limitations provided in MGS2, Jack's movement is extremely blighted - he can only use special moves and they're all altered to fit his new outfit - he can only walk and cannot jump, luckily he packs enough firepower in this form to defend himself.

After the initial three seconds, any attack powerful enough to knock Raiden further than one stage block builder will eject him out of "BDU mode." This also applies if Jack is knocked out, but remember that the uniform cannot be used again in the same stock, even Raiden's usual body suit will change as the uniform's balaclava is taken, leaving Jack with his head poking out of the uniform (this happened in the game). This effect remains until the end of the stock.


Neutral Special: AK 4 Life - This is BDU Raiden's most versatile move - classifying as a lethal move due to its brutality, but the BDU Uniform as a whole is regarded as a non-lethal move. While (B) is held, Raiden brings his AK47 to his eyeline pretty much instantly and begins firing in this way. There are several things you can do from this point - press (A) to make Raiden crouch [unfortunately he can't duck walk], which lowers the line of fire to hit smaller enemies. Press the button once more to make Raiden stand. From both positions, you can use the control stick to alter the AK's trajectory by intervals of forty-five degrees - straight forward, up-right, straight up, up-left and backward. Jack's line of fire is a little off-place compared to other gunslingers like Fox or Falco, but his bullets have similar properties to their beams, besides being yellow to represent metallic properties; this makes the shots hard to avoid.

Each hit from the AK is surprisingly damaging* and every shot has as much stun as Falco's blaster, bar the knockback. Due to this, it is difficult to evade further attacks when being shot straightforwardly on the ground, but it should never come to that if the opponent takes note of Raiden's transformation and stays airbourne. Essentially, this is one of Raiden's best moves if used in the right situations, be it gimping or simply being an annoying camper, but using Jack's other special moves in his BDU form is essential in keeping the opponent from halting this momentum. Remember, only once per stock, so don't waste it. The AK need never be reloaded and can possibly shoot forever, at a speed as fast as Fox's blaster.
*[3%] Switches to Lethal
3 years ago#6
Down Special: Nomad - Raiden rips off his balaclava and reverts to his normal moveset. Once this has been done, Jack cannot use his down special again until his next stock, or for the duration of the match if he is not knocked out again. Though in his normal form moveset-wise, Raiden looks almost entirely different, as he is still wearing his BDU uniform bar the balaclava. This is the only consequence, however - his set of moves remains the same bar the removal of his down special, much like how he loses his balaclava in Metal Gear Solid 2 and the uniform is rendered useless.
Switches to Lethal

square combo close combat 101 switches to non lethal running square cartwheel switches to non lethal side square HF blade lunge The very tip end of the HF blade is its sweetspot in this move.


The blunt side of the blade differs here in, per usual, lacking knockback where there is a sizable amount in the sharp side, as well as damage.* There is an advantage, though - there is no ending lag on the end of the move as there is on the red side [not literally]; the lack of lag means that connecting this move with others is far easier, making the process of 'stacking needles' less of a hassle.
*[7%] Non-Lethal


Sweetspotting Raiden's lethal side tilt is a good way of knocking out your opponent* - the spot is located at the tip of the blade, although wherever the opponent is hit, the damage is the same.* When not sweetspotted, this move will simply nudge the victim an insignificant distance and may leave Jack open during the small elapse of lag afterward, but this is unlikely unless you foolishly initiate this move when they are close enough to attack. This move is always best used from a short distance.
*[13% + 2% x # of Recurring Tilts] *[KOs Starting at 85%] Lethal

down square slice Raiden brings down his sword from above his head in an axe-handle like position, cutting foes in all dimensions. The move can end here, but Jack can follow with a sidewards slice of his blade if prompted to with (A) when the blade is near the ground. You can also dastardly change styles at this point with (L) or (R), effective considering the quirks of both versions - this is quite difficult with the time given, as you must switch styles then press (A) within the next half-second to initiate the second strike, otherwise the move will end here with your switched style selected. The second slice functions similarly to the first - its main purpose is in dismissing of those who avoided the first attack, by their own distinction or the Raiden player's wilyness. Though this move extends all the way around Raiden, it only hits right in front of him.

The scale of the initial strike can also hit floored enemies - this may prove a useful tool due to its fast delivery. This move has strange properties about it. Raiden can hit grounded enemies with the blunt side here, send low-percent damaged enemies high into the air with the sharp side and this makes for a very confusing opposition when this move is used, especially when styles are changed mid-move. Also, dis-jointed hitboxes - the second strike in fact stretches to a whole stage builder block in front of Raiden. Who said I wasn't using Snake as inspiration?

up square Pirouette - Raiden creates a spiral with the HF Blade, leaping forward one stage builder block - possibly hitting twice, during the 'spiral' stage of the attack and at the very end when the blade is brought downward. The attack hits from just above Raiden to up to one stage builder block in front of him, making it a quite decent long-ranged attack for the sword. It does, however, leave Raiden somewhat open to an attack from behind if it is roll dodged. If hit by the first, it is impossible to dodge the second attack - barring intervention from other players or items.
3 years ago#7
up square Pirouette - Raiden creates a spiral with the HF Blade, leaping forward one stage builder block - possibly hitting twice, during the 'spiral' stage of the attack and at the very end when the blade is brought downward. The attack hits from just above Raiden to up to one stage builder block in front of him, making it a quite decent long-ranged attack for the sword. It does, however, leave Raiden somewhat open to an attack from behind if it is roll dodged. If hit by the first, it is impossible to dodge the second attack - barring intervention from other players or items.

The pirouette has a slight vacuum effect,
it pulls in enemies within one stage builder block for the secondary lunge strike.


The blunt version of this move routinely does smaller damaged compared to the sharp version, on both the first* and second strikes,* but has unique knockback. The second strike will knock foes to the ground, enabling the use of the his down tilt. As there are two rather close hitboxes here, this is a good starting point for a needle counter.
*[5%] *[6%] Non-Lethal


Though there is some decent knockback on the first hit, the red version of this move has exponential sweet spotting on the second strike; similarly to Jack's side tilt, it is at the very tip and end of the attack.* The first* and second* strike are also quite damaging. This move does not knock the opponent to the floor like its non-lethal sibling, rather the entire assault sends the victim in an orthodoxly straight direction, in front of Raiden.
*[7% + 2% x # of Recurrent Tilts] *[9% + 2% x # of Recurrent Tilts] *[KOs Starting at 90%] *[KOs Starting at 75% (not sweetspotted: 100%)] Lethal

neutral aerial Shock Therapy Raiden takes his sword in hand and rolls in mid-air, doing a full loop before coming back into his original falling stance. This move hits all around Raiden - although the area is reduced from normal, due to Raiden being crawled up into a ball. Another attribute of the attack is that Jack is 'electrified' during it, aiding him in hitting further enemies by expanding the reach of his sword. Generally, all enemies within one stage builder block of the move will be hit, either by the lightning or the sword itself. A downside of this lightning is that it negates either resonation or the needle counter effect. Similar cries to when shocked in Metal Gear Solid 2 play during the move's duration,* perhaps a sign that it is quite painful.

This is all slightly out-of-character for Raiden, but this is a game, just like usual. The move can hit up to four times, counting at a half-second per hit as the player rotates; it takes two seconds for Raiden to finish this move, so it is somewhat written for the supposed victims. Each separate hit does the same amount of damage* and an opponent can be hit all four times quite easily - they need to be in the air and below Raiden; there is a slightly downward curvature in the move's trajectory. The likelihood of knocking an opponent out with this move is slim, as it only stuns momentarily, although the very last possible hit of the four carries minimal vertical knockback - it knocks out opponents starting at 110%. As always, keep in mind the style of the move - it switches to lethal, due to its brutality.
*[4%, 4%, 4%, 4%] Switches to Lethal
3 years ago#8
side aerial Semtex Explosive - In Metal Gear Solid 2, there are several sneaking sections where the player must avoid setting off plastic explosives - usually semtex. This includes a sniper section where Raiden must snipe all control boxes for the semtex and sometimes, a foolish player could simply run into a room with laser-powered detectors, setting off explosives all over the Plant [where MGS2 is set]... Here's your revenge - blow up the semtex!

By the press of (A), Raiden will toss the semtex and then follow it with his now drawn SOCOM. He will follow it in its natural trajectory until it explodes (this happens when it hits hard ground or opponents) or falls behind hard platforms or beyond the blast lines. If (A) is pressed again before the semtex falls out of sight, Raiden will shoot it, initiating the explosion himself - but be careful, as it will damage Jack if shot when within two stage builder blocks. The explosion generated is extremely powerful* and the knockback is strong enough to knock enemies out standing enemies at just 70%, making it imperative for enemies to evade when Raiden pulls out the semtex; for the first two seconds of the move, Raiden is vulnerable to the explosion and can be attacked once he throws the semtex by team mates, which is one second after the move is initiated. This would allow for the plastic explosive to fall to its own making. The trajectory is as expected - it's a bag with some explosives in it, after all, it falls in a golden arches shape with ever increasing speed.

A notable weakness of this move is Raiden's vulnerability after throwing the semtex. The player only gains control of Jack again once the Semtex is out of sight or if it has been detonated. As shooting it right away will damage and possibly kill Raiden, he is especially in danger, leaving himself wide open for attack. Thus this move is best used as a very precise gimp or bait, otherwise it will prove ineffective against skilled players. Fear not, though, Raiden mains - this is still one of The White Devil's best KO moves!
Switches to Lethal

up aerial Mine - These abominable, purple nightmares plagued all who entered the Plant's flooded Core 1 areas, exploding on contact whilst battling with some of the worst swimming controls in any video game. Yessir, these things were extremely aggravating for most first-time players, but certainly memorable and Raiden takes them with them into Smash!

This move is essential in Raiden's air game, as it aids in discriminating those who try to attack from above. An opponent should be weary of the air mine, its illogicalities allow it to stay in place for the duration of its stay and it can be summoned at any time with no lag

At the press of (A), Raiden raises his hands above him in an inconspicuous position, summoning a mine into that location, directly one building block above him. Creating the mine is almost momentary, but the mine can be detonated by Raiden. Detonating the mine is simple: land on it, at which point it explodes and deals decent damage* as well as knockback, powerful enough to knock out at seventy-five percent vertically. However, after thirty seconds on the field, the mine disappears. Throughout its lifespan, the mine will always remain where Jack originally placed it, even when a stage changes in any particular way. Only one mine can be summoned at any time by Raiden.
*[12%] Switches to Lethal
3 years ago#9
down aerial Grenade Launcher - Raiden pulls out his RGB-6 for some violent reconaissance in this move, opting to use gravity to his advantage. After one second of starting up lag as Jack prepares the grenade launcher by aiming it straight down - hopefully at his opponents - he then shoots a grenade from it, but continued pushes of (A) can mean up to six grenades can be shot.

Each propelled grenade deals good damage,* but the real usefulness of the grenades comes in their incredible downward knockback, making this an effective spike. The downside of this is that the projectiles can only be fired straight down, so Raiden mains will have to either be very accurate or gather a degree of momentum going into the move, enabling what would essentially be a carpet bombing across the bottom of the screen. Due to the lag - as well as a second of ending lag as Raiden re-equips his old weapon - this move functions solely as a good spike in most cases, but can be quite the surprise if an opponent is chasing Raiden from below.
*[8%] Switches to Lethal

forward throw I Hate Ames - In Metal Gear Solid 2, the directional microphone was used by Raiden to listen in on far away, drawn out and boring conversations most of the time, but it was also used to find General Ames, a hostage with a pacemaker that can be heard using the microphone. Dressed in your BDU uniform, you, as the player, are to then discover Ames without drawing attention to yourself.

This is revenge for that mission. Raiden stabs his opponent sadistically with the directional microphone, mockingly saying, "you're Ames, aren't you?" like he does in his game - or maybe it's just an accident, make of it what you will. The stab causes the opponent to be knocked from Raiden with middling power, but the damage is good.*
*[8%] Switches to Lethal

Back Throw: Strangle - Raiden removes one arm from his grab to remove the dog tags hidden inconspicuously around his neck - where were they before? Nevermind, then he strangles the victim using them! This ends momentarily, thankfully and Jack turns round, delivering a boot to the enemy's back for good measure. They are then released and knocked back a fair distance - not nearly enough for a knock out, but to create distance. Damage is, again, good* and coming out of this move will also put Raiden in lethal mode.
*[7%] Switches to Lethal


Up Throw: Stinger Missile - Equipping the beastly Stinger missile launcher, Raiden aims it upward and pulls his opponent on top of it. He then pulls the launcher's trigger and - much to the foe's dismay - launches them into the air. Miraculously, the missile doesn't explode and the enemy is able escape the its trajectory [it travels beyond the blastline], but they still take damage from the ride up there.*

Raiden unequips the Stinger once the opponent starts falling from the top of the screen and the missile itself can never explode, making this all a rather canned move, but it enables Jack to attak the opponent as they fall - although completely in control at that point.
Switches to Lethal
3 years ago#10
Down Throw: Locker & Loaded - This move is the only throw which has two versions to it - lethal and non-lethal - however, which move that is used depends entirely on the state of the enemy. If the enemy is dazed from their being 'put to sleep' by the many non-lethal darts, blunt swords or chloroform napkins, the non-lethal version is initiated, if not, the lethal version. Though one could take advantage of a dazed enemy effectively with one of the many lethal damage rackers or knock out moves, the locker is definitely the funnest way to do it.


The lethal version of this move is simplistic - an electrified panel appears like in Raiden's up smash, except this time this time in the foreground and Jack isn't the one being punished! Raiden turns to face the players and drops the foe onto the panel, seemingly electrocuting them; they are then launched with medium knockback into the air. Damage is decent,* but this is more of a punishment in comparison to its non-lethal companion. Once the victim has been launched up, the panel disappears and Raiden returns to his normal stance.
*[7%] Lethal


This move is only initiated if the grabbed opponent is dazed using the needle counting system - that is, they have been knocked out using any combination of darts, blunt HF blade sides, tranquilizing rifles or passed time. When down is pressed, a grey locker - little taller, but twice as wide as Raiden appears in front of the victim, facing halfway toward the camera and toward Jack. Immediately, he opens the locker door with one hand and pushes in the foe, closing the door after. If the foe had woken up during the past few events, now would be when they could actually do something - by mashing buttons, one can escape the locker by barging down the door with the average amount of mashing used to escape a grab. If the trapped foe does mash enough to escape, the locker door will collapse and the structure will then start to fade away immediately.

That's not all, though. By approaching the locker and holding down on the control stick toward it, Raiden will start to push the locker. He can push it fast - about one building block a second. Note that throughout all of this, the opponent can wake up and start mashing buttons. The aim of Jack in pushing the locker is pushing it off the ledge, the foe inside along with it. If able to do this, the enemy can still escape, but it is far tougher than before. The locker falls at the same rate that Ganondorf does when he uses his down special in the air and it gathers momentum as it goes. If the foe does escape in midair, they will still carry all of that momentum, making locker falls on stages like final destination near-definite knock outs.

If hit by a falling locker, a character takes damage* and severe downward knockback - enough that being hit by one below a stage's lowest platform is practically impossible to recover from. Raiden can be attacked whilst pushing the locker, but he can also be aided by team mates [visually, they seem to be pushing Raiden], making the locker move at twice the speed it usually would.
*[15%] Non-Lethal
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