What made you want to get this game when it was announced?

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It's a Smash Bros styled game and we need more of those. Seriously, someone needs to start working on a Sega smash bros, Namco Bandai smash bros, Shonen Jump smash bros, Square Enix smash bros, Capcom smash bros (as much as I hate Capcom, you have to admit that they have some of the best IP'S....... when they aren't screwing them up), etc.

God Capcom, Square and Sega are sitting on so many awesome IPs that haven't seen the light of day its not even funny, especially Sega.

Shonen is actually working on an All-Star game, hopefully for NA release

you mean j-stars victory vs?

if that's the one, then, based on trailers insofar, it seems similar to the naruto ultimate ninja storm series, or some of the dragonball z fighters: flashy and cinematic visuals, but somewhat shallow and simple in terms of how the game is played

I'm not entirely sure but I don't think j-stars is gonna release in NA.

Yeah I think so too, seeing how every other SJ All-Star game usually doesn't make it. Apparently getting the rights here is costly and time-consuming or something like that

But yeah Sega sucks
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The twin Cole's and Spike. As soon as I saw Spike, I knew I freakin' needed this game.
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Three reasons.

1. I hadn't had my Playstation 3 for that long, and I wanted to get another game.
2. I was genuinely curious about Sony's IPs, and wanted to try some out, so I thought I'd use it as a guide.
3. It's a fighting game, and I'm a sucker for that genre, regardless of whether I'm actually good at it or not.
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