Why you shouldn't use good cole

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I was at the store but I forgot my wallet so I got in my car and drove home and found Christain Bale in my room playing Super Smash Bros. for the PSTHREEEEE so naturally I joined him in a few games but then the neighbor's house caught on fire so I pressed paused and called the ire department but that was stupid because the fire department was already there and they made us evacuate the neighborhood because the fire was spreading to my house which made me mad because I was beating Christian Bale with Captain Falcon and was about to win because Christian Bale is a buttonmashing scrub who spams with good cole so I started to yell at the fireman and stuff but then Michael McDonald started singing and the fire was like yo bro imma leave aight and my neighbor was like thanks mang and it was at this time when the clock struck nine and the supermarket closed which got me mad because I forgot to buy milk.

Moral of the story Good Cole is a bad matchup against Captain Falcon
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Fke dna gey.
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I enjoyed reading this actually
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*This message has been paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Captain Falcon to a third Falcon PUNCH!!!*
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