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Questions bout my mains and the patch (Archived)TheBlackAce22244/15 2:34PM
Just discovered that almost half the cast has infinite loops on Sly. (Archived)
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How come SSM didn't do anything to drake? (Archived)
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Sir Dan has a Sly only infinite (Archived)SettaWorldTeeth34/13 2:54PM
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Help with Kat. (Archived)oomomow34/13 12:34PM
Which game is better? (Poll)
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Worth downloading again then? (Archived)Selite94/13 9:25AM
Love how everyone wants to jump on the sweet tooth Wagon NOW (Archived)
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Picked this up cause cheap, what the hell is wrong with the offline? (Archived)
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Dante and Drake are top tier for me already (Archived)
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