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Kat, only got nerfed but is still broken? (Archived)darkcloudrepeat24/23 1:04PM
Don't you just hate sore winners? (Archived)RealSlyCooper84/23 6:06AM
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Kat isn't OP. (Archived)TheJButton24/22 8:27PM
This Patch really spit the good GCole Players from the bad (Archived)marioparty1734/22 7:02PM
Have you strategically used the AP taunt yet? (Archived)
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Is Emmett Graves still available for download? (Archived)Mr_Snorlax198654/22 3:41PM
Sir Dan's Quest For Black Belt! Live On Twitch (Archived)TheConduitGene24/22 12:05PM
I actually like this game (Archived)
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when i select a character it always starts on costume 1 and the original colors (Archived)Xbox-36O64/21 12:58PM
Isaac glitch (Archived)blazin64064/21 12:40PM
So you always get your costume colour you choose before the match? (Archived)Final_Tran24/21 8:29AM
Which characters have you fought the most since the patch? (Archived)
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Isaac strategy? (Archived)
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