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The system for BP gain/loss is awful (Archived)_Starbreaker_811/30/2012
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My own Tier list (Archived)
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Do you think this would balance Sackboy? (Archived)
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The International Haters Thread! (Archived)NightMareBunny511/30/2012
It's not Sackboy that is broken. It's just the players playing him are stupid. (Archived)
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Fancy Nariko combos and some level 1 super set ups (Archived)RogueDark811/30/2012
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best rival cutscenes? SPOILERS (Archived)
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Most boring character? (Archived)
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You know you can tech while.... (Archived)
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This game is lacking too many mechanics to be competitive. (Archived)thebestestbest511/30/2012