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PSASBR fails to chart in the Top 20/10s across all important countries in Europe (Archived)
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Hate to beg but Sakurai destroyed my PS3. (Archived)
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Japan getting the game late? Coincidence? (Archived)
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Guys... I don't know... I'm getting pulled into the Dark side... (Archived)
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even without his LV3 Sackboy still has his LV2... (Archived)NightMareBunny1011/30/2012
Top three characters you never encounter online? (Archived)
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This game doesn't need Final Fantasy characters. (Archived)
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Why does this happen to me in every fighting game? (Archived)
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Boy, everyone's right. Kratos, Raiden, and Redec are OP... (Archived)
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big daddy seems to be the most unpopular character on the roster.... (Archived)
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